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2004Adding nuance : constructivist inquiry in agricultural R&DGerman, LauraOpen Access
2006Beyond the farm : a new look at livelihood constraints in the Eastern African HighlandsGerman, Laura; Masuki, K.; Gojjam, Y.; Odenya, James; Geta, EndriasIDRC Only
2003Beyond the farm : a new look at livelihood constraints in the highlands of Eastern AfricaGerman, LauraOpen Access
2007Co-management is about cultivating relationshipsChemengei, Awadh; Nyangas, Simon; Cheptegei, William; Tanui, Joseph; Alinyo, Frances; German, LauraIDRC Only
2003Coalition for enabling demand-driven development in Kabale district, UgandaGerman, Laura; Stroud, Ann; Obin, EngorokOpen Access
2007Enabling equitable collective action and policy change for poverty reduction and improved natural resource management in Ethiopia and UgandaGerman, Laura; Mazengia, Waga; Ayele, Shenkut; Tirwomwe, Wilberforce; Tanui, JosephIDRC Only
2007Enhancing collective action in spring "development" and management through negotiation support and by-law reformsAyele, Shenkut; Ghizaw, Amare; Admassu, Zenebe; Tsegaye, Mesfin; Alemu, Getachew; Tolera, Tessema; German, LauraIDRC Only
2007Enhancing equitable technology access for socially and economically constrained farmers : experience from Gununo watershed, EthiopiaMazengia, Waga; Tenaye, Anbes; Begashaw, Leulseged; German, Laura; Rezene, YeyesIDRC Only
2007Environmental service rewards in ECA : using local knowledge and scenario analysis to minimize trade-offsGerman, Laura; Kidane, Berhane; Velarde, Sandra; Villamor, Grace; Twine, EdgarIDRC Only
2006Framework for the integration of diverse learning approaches : operationalizing agricultural research and Development (R&D) linkages in Eastern AfricaGerman, Laura; Stroud, AnnIDRC Only
2006Innovative research approaches for mountain regions : operationalizing systems integration at farm and landscape scalesGerman, LauraIDRC Only
2006Integrated natural resource management in practice : enabling communities to improve mountain livelihoods and landscapes; proceedings of a conference held on October 12-15, 2004 at ICRAF headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya. Kampala, Uganda: African Highlands Initiative, Nairobi, KenyaAmede, Tilahun; German, Laura; Rao, Sheila; Opondo, Chris; Stroud, AnnIDRC Only
2012Integrated natural resource management in the Highlands of Eastern Africa : from concept to practiceGerman, Laura; Mowo, Jeremias; Amede, Tilahun; Masuki, KennethOpen Access
2004Integrating learning approaches for agricultural R&DGerman, Laura; Stroud, AnnOpen Access
2006Managing trade-offs in agroforestry : from conflict to collaboration in natural resource managementGerman, Laura; Charamila, Sarah; Tolera, TesemaIDRC Only
2005Methodology for understanding niche incompatibilities in agroforestryGerman, Laura; Kidane, Berhane; Shemdoe, Riziki; Sellungato, MartinIDRC Only
2007Mobilizing collective action for vertebrate pest control : the case of porcupine in ArekaBegashaw, Leulseged; Mazengia, Waga; German, LauraIDRC Only
2005Negotiation support in watershed management : a case for decision-making beyond the farm levelGerman, Laura; Tolera, Tesema; Charamila, SarahIDRC Only
2006Participatory integrated watershed management : evolution of concepts and methodsGerman, Laura; Mansoor, Hussein; Alemu, Getachew; Mazengia, Waga; Amede, Tilahun; Stroud, AnneIDRC Only
2005Process monitoring and documentation for R&D team learning : concepts and approachesOpondo, Chris; German, Laura; Charamila, Sarah; Stroud, Ann; Khandelwal, RajivIDRC Only