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2005Cruel reality of Africa's poor : water, a commodity most of us take for granted, is emblematic of the poverty trapFaruqui, N.; Gardner, D.IDRC Only
2000Entretien avec Naser Faruqui : un futur "chef de file de la gestion de l'eau"Faruqui, N.; Eberlee, J.Open Access
1997Final report / The Urban Water Management ExplorationFaruqui, N.; Frojmovic, M.Open Access
1997Final report to CIDA : snow and ice hydrology (Pakistan)Faruqui, N.Open Access
2003Gestion de l'eau selon l'IslamCRDI; Faruqui, N.; Biswas, A.K.; Bino, M.J.Open Access
2001Human folly casts world's lakes into deep watersFaruqui, N.; Alexander, D.IDRC Only
2000In conversation with Naser Faruqui : a next generation water leaderFaruqui, N.; Eberlee, J.Open Access
1995Protecting island treasuresFaruqui, N.; Fries, K.; Herbert, J.; Humphrey, B.IDRC Only
2000Reflections on the World Water Vision by the "next generation of water leaders"Faruqui, N.; Al-Jayyousi, O.IDRC Only
1997Urban water management in developing countries research priorities : Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council Demand Management Meeting, Apr. 28-30, 1997, Oslo, NorwayFaruqui, N.; Frojmovic, M.Open Access
2000Wastewater treatment and reuse for food and water securityFaruqui, N.Open Access
2004Wastewater use in irrigated agriculture : confronting the livelihood and environmental realitiesFaruqui, N.; Scott, C.A.; Raschid-Sally, L.Open Access
2001Water management in IslamIDRC; Faruqui, N.; Biswas, A.K.; Bino, M.J.Open Access