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2009Airtime to cash : unlocking the potential of Africa's mobile phones to bank the unbankedComninos, Alex; Esselaar, Steve; Ndiwalana, AliIDRC Only
2007Case notes : South Africa's policy incoherence; an update on the Knysna Wi-Fi projectEsselaar, Steve; Soete, PieterOpen Access
2007ICT usage and its impact on profitability of SMEs in 13 African countries : research articleEsselaar, Steve; Stork, Christoph; Ndiwalana, Ali; Deen-Swarray, MariamaOpen Access
2008M-banking the unbankedComninos, Alex; Esselaar, Steve; Ndiwalana, Ali; Stork, ChristophOpen Access
2005Mobile cellular telephone : fixed-line substitution in Sub-Saharan AfricaEsselaar, Steve; Stork, ChristophOpen Access
2007OECD leased linesEsselaar, SteveIDRC Only
2007Pour un e-index 2007 africain de la performance du secteur des télécommunications dans 16 pays africainsEsselaar, Steve; Gillwald, Alison; Stork, ChristophOpen Access
2010South African ICT sector performance review, 2009/2010Esselaar, Steve; Gillwald, Alison; Moyo, Mpho; Naidoo, KammyOpen Access
2006South African telecommunications sector performance review 2006Esselaar, Steve; Gillwald, Alison; Stork, ChristophIDRC Only
2007Towards an African e-index : 2007 telecommunications sector performance in 16 African countries; a supply side analysis of policy outcomesEsselaar, Steve; Gillwald, Alison; Stork, ChristophOpen Access
2004VSAT case studies (Nigeria, Algeria and Tanzania) : research reportEsselaar, Steve; Stavrou, Aki; o'Riordan, JenniferIDRC Only