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1994Adjustments and error corrections in money demand during high inflation : a case study of SudanEconomic Research Forum; Abdel-Rahman, A.M.M.Open Access
1995Ajustement économique et libéralisation politiqueEconomic Research Forum; Ben Ali, DrissOpen Access
1995Animal protein food consumption patterns and consumer behaviour in EgyptEconomic Research Forum; Soliman, Ibrahim; Eid, NafissaOpen Access
1994Arab economic integration : current reality and future prospectsEconomic Research Forum; Grissa, AbdessatarOpen Access
1996Arab economies in multi-country models : survey of some regional and global experiencesEconomic Research Forum; Al-Kawaz, Ahmad; Limam, ImedOpen Access
1996Catching up with Eastern Europe? : the European Union's Mediterranean Free Trade InitiativeEconomic Research Forum; Hoekman, Bernard; Djankov, SimeonOpen Access
1995Causes, measures and impact of state intervention in the financial sector : the Egyptian exampleEconomic Research Forum; Mohieldin, MahmoudOpen Access
1995Changing economic role of the state from a Turkish perspectiveEconomic Research Forum; Adaman, Fikret; Sertel, MuratOpen Access
1995Changing the role of the state in subsidized housing : the case of a developing environmentEconomic Research Forum; Rachid Sabri, NidalOpen Access
1996Comparative study of Central, East European, Baltic and Turkish economies with a view to membership in the European UnionEconomic Research Forum; Togan, SubidayOpen Access
1996Decline of the Iranian rial during the post revolutionary period : productivity approachEconomic Research Forum; Bahmani-Oskooee, MohsenOpen Access
1996Demand for oil products in the GCC countriesEconomic Research Forum; Al-Faris, Abdul-Razak F.Open Access
1995Development of financial markets in the Arab countries, Iran and TurkeyEconomic Research ForumOpen Access
1996Developments in money supply issues and policies in developing countries : survey of theoretical and empirical literatureEconomic Research Forum; Tahir, JamilOpen Access
1996Do workers pay for social protection? : an analysis of wage differentials in the Egyptian private sectorEconomic Research Forum; Assaad, RaguiOpen Access
1996Earnings and regional inequality in EgyptEconomic Research Forum; Wahba, JacklineOpen Access
1994Economic growth in the Middle East and North Africa : an international perspectiveEconomic Research Forum; Cohen, Daniel; Hammour, Mohamad L.Open Access
1994Economic liberalization and privatization in Hungary and EgyptEconomic Research Forum; Tesche, Jean; Tohamy, SaharOpen Access
1995Effects of public sector hiring and compensation policies on the Egyptian labor marketEconomic Research Forum; Assaad, RaguiOpen Access
1996Effects of the Uruguay Round and Customs Union with the EU on the Turkish manufacturing sectorEconomic Research Forum; Togan, SubidayOpen Access