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2005Benchmarking the plan of action of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Latin America and the Caribbean (version 3.0)Institute for Connectivity in the Americas; ECLACIDRC Only
2004Estado de las estadísticas sobre sociedad de la información en los institutos nacionales de estadística de América Latina y el Caribe : documento de soporte para el taller sobre la medición de la sociedad de la información en América Latina y el CaribeECLAC; Institute for Connectivity in the Americas; CEPALIDRC Only
1985Final report / CARISPLAN - phase IIECLACIDRC Only
1984Final report / Microcomputer Based System for Small Area Data Retrieval (REDATAM)ECLACIDRC Only
1996Final report for the joint ECLAC / IDRC programme on industrial restructuring, production organization and competitiveness in Latin America and the CaribbeanECLACIDRC Only
1983Final report on the ECLAC / IDRC Research Programme on "Technological Changes in the Metal Products and Machinery Industry in Latin America"IDRC. Social Sciences Division; ECLACIDRC Only
1995International competition and globalization challenging the Brazilian automotive industryECLAC; Ferro, J.R.IDRC Only
2002Mining Clusters in Latin America : final narrative reportECLAC; Buitelaar, R.IDRC Only
2000New Latin American model : final reportECLAC; Stallings, B.; Bielschowsky, R.; Katz, J.; Moguillansky, G.; Morley, S.IDRC Only
1991Practical experiences relating to the creation of REDATAM-Plus databases : interregional workshop on Population Databases and Related Topoics, 9-13 December 1991, Harare, ZimbabweECLAC; Silva, Ari; Conning, ArthurIDRC Only
1991REDATAM - Plus : user's manual; version 1.1, retrieval of data for small areas by microcomputerCentro Latinoamericano de Demografía; ECLACIDRC Only
1982Report on the workshop on user education techniques for use in special libraries, Mona, Jamaica, 19-23 July 1982ECLAC; Caribbean Development and Co-operation Committee; CEPALIDRC Only
1995Restructuring and changing market conditions in the Brazilian auto components industryECLAC; Posthuma, A.C.IDRC Only
1995Restructuring and international competitiveness : the Mexican automobile industryECLAC; Mortimore, M.IDRC Only
1987Retrieval of census data for small areas by microcomputer (REDATAM) version 2.00 (31 Mar. 1987) : user's manualECLACIDRC Only
1995Technology and work organization in Latin American motor vehicle industriesECLAC; Shaiken, H.IDRC Only
1997Way forward : environmental information management in the Caribbean; Caribbean ministerial meeting on the implementation of the programme of action for the sustainable development of small island developing states, Barbados, 10-14 Nov. 1997ECLAC; Caribbean Development and Co-operation Committee; IDRC; UNEPIDRC Only