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1995Assessment of the efficiency of drinking water treatment using the coliphage, total coliform and H2S paper strip testsCastillo, G.; Martins, M.T.; Dutka, B.J.IDRC Only
1988Coliphage association with coliform indicators : a case study in ChileCastillo, G.; Thiers, R.; Dutka, B.J.; El-Shaarawi, A.H.IDRC Only
1988Coliphage association with coliform indicators : a case study in PeruRatto, A.; El-Shaarawi, A.H.; Dutka, B.J.; Lopez, C.; Vega, C.IDRC Only
1987Coliphage counts : are they necessary to maintain drinking water safety?Suan Sim, T.; Dutka, B.J.IDRC Only
1993Developing a self-sustained microbiological water quality testing capability in a remote aboriginal communitySeidl, P.; Dutka, B.J.IDRC Only
1988Incidence of coliphage in potable water suppliesEl-Abagy, M.M.; Dutka, B.J.; Kamel, M.IDRC Only
1987North and South American studies on the potential of coliphage as a water quality indicatorDutka, B.J.; El Shaarawi, A.; Martins, M.T.; Sanchez, P.S.IDRC Only
1989Potable water safety assessed by coliphage and bacterial testsRatto, A.; Dutka, B.J.; Vega, C.; Lopez, C.; El-Shaarawi, A.IDRC Only
1990Presence of bacterial virus in groundwater and treated drinking waterDutka, B.J.; Palmateer, G.A.; Meissner, S.M.; Janzen, E.M.; Sakellaris, M.IDRC Only
1990Report on the 1990 IDRC funded study to develop a self-sufficient microbiological water quality testing capability within the Cree Nation of Split LakeDutka, B.J.; Seidl, P.; Spence, V.; National Water Research InstituteIDRC Only
1991Suggested microbiological water quality tests for developing countries and rural and isolated North American communitiesDutka, B.J.IDRC Only
1997Técnicas cualitativas para el control de calidad del aguaSánchez, A.; Dutka, B.J.; Aguilar, L.; Rosales, E.Open Access
Jan-1990Use of simple, inexpensive microbial water quality tests : results of a three continent, eight country research projectDutka, B.J.; El-Shaarawi, A.H.Open Access
1996Water and sediment ecotoxicity studies in Temuco and Rapel River Basin, ChileDutka, B.J.; McInnis, R.; Jurkovic, A.; Liu, D.; Castillo, G.IDRC Only