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2012CNDD-FDD in Burundi : the path from armed to political strugglePolitical violence is a tool of both state and non-state actors; replacing it by political methods of conflict management is essential to sustainable peace. In peace negotiations, rebel groups demanded a return to constitutional law, the institution of a democratic majority rule, and most especially the reform of the Tutsi- dominated army. Case studies can reflect important voices, which are often excluded or devalued in the analysis of conflict. The aim was to learn from the experiences of those in resistance or liberation movements who have used violence in their struggles but have also engaged politically during the conflict in peace processes.; Nindorera, Willy; Dudouet, Véronique; Giessmann, Hans J.IDRC Only
2012Final technical report / From War to Politics : Non-State Armed Groups in Transition, 2009-2011Dudouet, VéroniqueOpen Access
2012From combatants to peacebuilders : a case for inclusive, participatory and holistic security transitions; policy reportDudouet, Véronique; Giessmann, Hans J.; Planta, KatrinIDRC Only
2010From revolutionary war to democratic revolution : the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) in El SalvadorÁlvarez, Alberto Martín; Dudouet, Véronique; Giessmann, Hans J.IDRC Only
2010KLA and the Kosovo war : from intra-state conflict to independent countryBekaj, Armend R.; Dudouet, Véronique; Giessmann, Hans J.IDRC Only
2016Post-war political settlements : from participatory transition processes to inclusive state-building and Governance; research reportDudouet, Véronique; Lundström, Stina; Rampf, DavidIDRC Only