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1978Address to Sorghum and Millet Workshop, 5-7 July, 1978Doggett, H.Open Access
1971Breeding for resistance to sorghum shoot fly in Uganda.Doggett, H.Open Access
1974Breeding sorghum for improved grain qualityDoggett, H.Open Access
1975Cereal physiology in relation to genetic improvement of sorghum and millet at ICRISATInternational Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics; Doggett, H.; Kassam, A.H.; Andrews, D.J.IDRC Only
1984Cereal production needs and achievementsDoggett, H.Open Access
1981Comments on the "Birds" paper by Bruggers and Jaeger, and on the "Striga" paper by Ramaiah and ParkerDoggett, H.Open Access
1986Consultantcy report on oilseed improvement in NepalPradhan, G.B.; Jayaswal, M.L.; Sainju, A.S.; Doggett, H.Open Access
1972Crops of the semi-arid tropics.Doggett, H.Open Access
1985Cultures résistantes à la sécheresse : leur nature et leur réaction à la sécheresseDoggett, H.Open Access
1985Drought-tolerant crops : their nature and value in drought situationsDoggett, H.Open Access
1971Foreword to proceedings : Eastern Africa Cereals WorkshopDoggett, H.IDRC Only
1975Grain - grass sorghum project.Ramaiah, K.V.; Doggett, H.IDRC Only
1983History of sorghum improvement in East AfricaDoggett, H.IDRC Only
1985History of the CAPS programDoggett, H.Open Access
1975ICRISAT's sorghum programme : a review by international consultantsInternational Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics; Doggett, H.IDRC Only
1981Importance of food quality in sorghum improvement programsDoggett, H.Open Access
1981Improvement of nutritional quality by genetic meansDoggett, H.Open Access
1972Improvement of sorghum in East AfricaDoggett, H.IDRC Only
1971International aspects of sorghum research, no.Doggett, H.Open Access
1971International aspects of sorghum research, no. 1Doggett, H.IDRC Only