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1993Biotechnology in Thailand : scientific capacity and technological changeAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Davis, C.H.; Eisemon, T.O.; Yuthavong, Y.; Phornsadja, K.Open Access
1994Canadian science policy and the North American regional system of innovationDavis, C.H.IDRC Only
1994Competitiveness, sustainability, and the North American system of innovationDavis, C.H.Open Access
1995Diffusion of biotechnology innovations in Thailand : tissue culture and seed technologiesYuthavong, Y.; Phornsadja, K.; Chungcharoen, A.; Eisemon, T.O.; Davis, C.H.IDRC Only
1995Earth Summit and the promotion of environmentally sound industrial innovation in developing countriesDavis, C.H.IDRC Only
1993Innovation support services for innovative communitiesDavis, C.H.IDRC Only
1993Integración económica de América del Norte y la política de innovación en CanadáDavis, C.H.IDRC Only
1997Kenya : crisis in the scientific communityDavis, C.H.; Eisemon, T.O.IDRC Only
1995Management of technology and technological change in Canada : learning and teaching innovation and competitivenessDavis, C.H.; Smith, R.IDRC Only
1993Managing technology and technological change in CanadaDavis, C.H.; Smith, R.Open Access
1996Reforming Romania's national research systemDavis, C.H.; Owen Eisemon, T.; Ionescu-Sisesti, I.; Gaillard, J.IDRC Only
1994Thai scientific community : reforms in the NIC of time?Davis, C.H.; Gaillard, J.; Eisemon, T.O.IDRC Only
1985Transplantation of science to anglophone and francophone AfricaRathgeber, E.M.; Davis, C.H.; Eisemon, T.O.IDRC Only
1997Value structures in international development research management : the case of a Canadian R and D funding agencyDavis, C.H.IDRC Only