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1987Approaches to research donor evaluations : a review of the issuesDaniels, W.D.; Young, A.M.Open Access
1987Choosing input indicators for research managersDaniels, W.D.IDRC Only
1977Collaboration in agricultural researchDaniels, W.D.; MacCormac, C.W.; Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1974Economics of transferHulse, J.H.; Daniels, W.D.Open Access
1975Economics of transferHulse, J.H.; Daniels, W.D.IDRC Only
1989Evaluación en la gestión gerencial de la investigaciónDaniels, W.D.; Dottridge, T.IDRC Only
1985Evaluating national research systems and programs in the Third World : some commentsDaniels, W.D.; Sing ChewOpen Access
1988Evaluation in the management of researchDaniels, W.D.; Dottridge, T.Open Access
1989Evaluation process in a development agencyDaniels, W.D.Open Access
1985Evaluations in the Third World national research systems : some trends and operational experiencesSing Chew; Daniels, W.D.Open Access
1976History and development of the International Centre for Agricultural Research on Dry Areas (ICARDA) up to January, 1976.Daniels, W.D.Open Access
1986IDRC evaluation systemIDRC; Daniels, W.D.Open Access
1982Improving productivity through research collaborationDaniels, W.D.; Kishk, F.Open Access
1989Issues in strategic planningDaniels, W.D.Open Access
1993Managing agricultural research : views from a funding agencyDaniels, W.D.; Dottridge, T.IDRC Only
1975Protein supplements - world production and tradeHulse, J.H.; Fawcett, B.D.; Daniels, W.D.IDRC Only
1989Reflections on alternative futuresDaniels, W.D.Open Access
1994Report on the development of a differentiated strategy for IICA in the CaribbeanDaniels, W.D.Open Access
1976Research expenditure in the international agricultural research centresDaniels, W.D.Open Access
1990Research supply : implications for research choiceDaniels, W.D.Open Access