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-Aid to Third World colleagues.Corea, E.IDRC Only
1976ASEAN: the road from BaliCorea, E.Open Access
-Asia scientists link to stop harvest lossesCorea, E.IDRC Only
-Asian science writers have taken the first steps - but a revolution is needed.Corea, E.IDRC Only
1981Beyond dialogue : a southern call for action to meet the growing crisis of Third World developmentCorea, E.IDRC Only
1977Bombe biologique est désamorcéeCorea, E.Open Access
1981Comienzan los programas cooperativosCorea, E.Open Access
1980Cooperative programs : lecture given in Vancouver at the Simon Fraser University Seminar, Dec. 8, 9 and 10, 1980Corea, E.Open Access
1981Cooperative programs launchedIDRC; Corea, E.Open Access
1978Eficacia del radioforo campesinoCorea, E.Open Access
1977Grounds for cautious optimism?Corea, E.Open Access
1977In the shadow of Vietnam : conflict or co-operationCorea, E.Open Access
1978Journalists as partners in developmentCorea, E.Open Access
1977Non-alignment : the dynamics of a movementCanadian Institute of International Affairs; Corea, E.IDRC Only
1980North South relations : beyond dialogue; notes for talk at SID Meeting, Ottawa, Sept. 26, 1980Corea, E.Open Access
1977One good harvest is not enoughCorea, E.Open Access
1978Periodistas : su vinculación al desarrolloCorea, E.Open Access
1978Presse et le développement agricoleCorea, E.Open Access
1981Programmes de coopération en marcheCorea, E.Open Access
1977Quelques bonnes récoltes ne sauraient suffireCorea, E.Open Access