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1980Avenir des peuples pasteurs : compte rendu de la conférence tenue à Nairobi, Kenya, 4-8 août 1980Commission on Nomadic Peoples; University of Nairobi. Institute for Development Studies; Galathy, J.G.; Aronson, D.; Salzman, P.C.; Chouinard, A.Open Access
1980Bamboo research in Asia : proceedings of a workshop held in Singapore, 28-30 May 1980IDRC; International Union of Forestry Research Organizations; Lessard, L.G.; Chouinard, A.Open Access
1978Cassava harvesting and processing : proceedings ...IDRC; Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; Weber, E.J.; Cock, J.H.; Chouinard, A.Open Access
1985Cerrando el círculo : participación de los agricultores en el desarrollo de tecnologíasChouinard, A.Open Access
1985Coming full circle : farmers participation in the development of technologyChouinard, A.Open Access
1987Deadly shadow : AIDS in AfricaChouinard, A.Open Access
1990Human sexuality : research perspectives in a world facing AIDSIDRC; Chouinard, A.; Albert, J.Open Access
1980Induced fish breeding in Southeast Asia : report of a workshop held in Singapore, 25-28 Nov. 1980IDRC; Davy, F.B.; Chouinard, A.Open Access
1984Leucaena : cumpliendo la promesaChouinard, A.Open Access
1984Leucaena : delivering the promiseChouinard, A.Open Access
1984Leucéna : qu'en est-il des promesses?Chouinard, A.Open Access
1987Ombre de la mort : le SIDA en AfriqueChouinard, A.Open Access
1978Pathogenicity of trypanosomes : proceedings of a workshop ...Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Veterinary Research Dept.; IDRC; CIDA; International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases; Losos, G.J.; Chouinard, A.Open Access
1987Sombra letal : SIDA en AfricaChouinard, A.Open Access