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1985Bamboo (China) : final reportChinese Academy of Forestry; Fu Maoyi; Chiou Fu GengIDRC Only
-Bamboo abstractsChinese Academy of ForestryIDRC Only
-Bamboo newsletterChinese Academy of ForestryIDRC Only
1993Bamboo Technology Utilization (China) : final technical and financial report, 1 May 1989-31 Dec. 1992Chinese Academy of Forestry; Fu MaoyiIDRC Only
1996Bamboo Technology Utilization (China) : the final reportChinese Academy of Forestry; Fu MaoyiIDRC Only
1988Catalogue of chinese bamboo literature, v. 1, no. 1, 1988Chinese Academy of ForestryOpen Access
1987Final report for phase I / Paulownia Plantation in China (May 1983-Mar. 1987)Chinese Academy of ForestryIDRC Only
1991Final report on project activities / Bamboo Information CentreChinese Academy of Forestry; Zhu ShilinIDRC Only
1993Final technical report / Farm Forestry (China) Program, Apr. 1990-Apr. 1993Chinese Academy of ForestryIDRC Only
1990Final technical report of Paulownia Project (Phase II)Chinese Academy of Forestry; Xiong Yao GuoIDRC Only
1997Integrated technical and socioeconomic approaches for Reclaiming Degraded Forest Land (REDFOL), ChinaChinese Academy of Forestry; Cai MantangIDRC Only
1987PaulowniaIDRC; Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China; Chinese Academy of Forestry; McKee, N.; Peng, L.; Zhao-hua, Z.Open Access
1986Paulownia in China : cultivation and utilizationChinese Academy of Forestry; Rao, A.N.Open Access
2003Rehabilitation of degraded forests to improve livelihoods of poor farmers in South ChinaCenter for International Forestry Research; Chinese Academy of Forestry; Central-South Forestry University; Southwest Forestry University; Zhejiang Forestry College; Lin'an Country Forestry Bureau; Liu, Dachang; Zhu, Zhaohua; Cai, Mantang; Turnbull, J.IDRC Only
1987Report on Farm Forestry Training Programme, May 1-30, 1987 : Paulownia sectionChinese Academy of Forestry; Zhu, Z.IDRC Only