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2008Aboriginal tourism in northern Canada : how collaborative research can improve community engagement in tourism projectsBlangy, Sylvie; McGinley, Robin; Chevalier, Jacques M.Open Access
2006Canada world youth impact assessment guideChevalier, Jacques M.; Turcot, Paul; McLaren, Kate; Patterson, Helen; Canada World Youth Research and Programming; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2009Celebrating Dialogue : An International Forum on Collaborative Inquiry and Social Engagement; final technical reportBuckles, Daniel J.; Chevalier, Jacques M.Open Access
2007Creating a participatory, strategic and sustainability - driven evaluation system at the Trent Centre for Community-Based EducationBarr, T.; Hall, K.; Chevalier, Jacques M.Open Access
2008Dialogue across knowledge systems and communities of interests: foresters in La Chiquitania, BoliviaTéllez Carrasco, Jorge Antonio; Navarro, Rafael; Chevalier, Jacques M.Open Access
2007Guía práctica de campo : SAS2om; sistemas de análisis socialChevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2006Impacts on knowledge and skills among participants in a youth exchange programChevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2002Natural resource project / conflict management : stakeholders doing "class" analysisChevalier, Jacques M.Open Access
2007Outils de la recherche participativeBourassa, Michelle; Bélair, Louise; Chevalier, Jacques M.Open Access
2006Peasant world university : food for thoughtMazhar, Farhad; Chevalier, Jacques M.; Akhter, Farida; Buckles, Daniel J.; Bourassa, MichelleOpen Access
2006Propuesta de ordenamiento de pesquerías bentónicas para la zona común de Pesca de Ancud : reporte técnico en el marco de proyecto FIP 2004-14; ordenamiento de las pesquerías bentónicas de la zona común de pesca de la comuna de Ancud, X regiónTapia Jopia, Carlos; Chevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2006Roles and mutual expectations of workgroups in the CUSO regional officeChevalier, Jacques M.Open Access
2008SAS2 : a guide to collaborative inquiry and social engagementChevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2009SAS2 : guide sur la recherche collaborative et l'engagement socialChevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2009SAS2 : guía para la investigación colaborativa y la movilización socialChevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2011Scaling up the international impact of action research : SAS phase 3; final technical reportChevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2008Social analysis systems2Chevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.IDRC Only
2007Towards a management plan for the common fishery zone of Ancud, ChileChevalier, Jacques M.; Tapia Jopia, Carlos; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2008Trois exemples de recherche-action dans le secteur public québécoisChevalier, Jacques M.; Hurtel, BenoîtOpen Access
2008YouthScape network evaluation and planning : Report Submitted to the Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD), January 2008Chevalier, Jacques M.Open Access