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1993Aspects of the land question in Mbale DistrictCentre for Basic Research; Otim, P.O.IDRC Only
1992CBR memorandum on the proposed Land Tenure and Control Bill in UgandaCentre for Basic ResearchIDRC Only
1992Dynamics of the land question and its impact on agricultural productivity in Mbarara DistrictCentre for Basic Research; Kafureka, L.B.M.IDRC Only
1992Emergent changes and trends in land tenure and land use in Kabale and Kisoro DistrictsCentre for Basic Research; Robert, M.IDRC Only
1992Land policy and the evolving forms of land tenure in Masindi District, UgandaCentre for Basic Research; Bazaara, N.IDRC Only
1993Land question and the agrarian crisis : the case of Kalangala District, UgandaCentre for Basic Research; Ssenkumba, J.IDRC Only
1994Land tenure and land use in Kampala DistrictCentre for Basic Research; Kaggwa, J.B.IDRC Only
1992Land tenure and peasant adaptations : some reflections on agricultural production in Luwero DistrictCentre for Basic Research; Muhereza, E.F.IDRC Only
1994Land to tillers or tillers to land : the existing forms of land tenure systems in Mpigi DistrictCentre for Basic Research; Bikaako, W.IDRC Only
1998Mailo land tenure system, customary land rights and claims in Buganda : a case study of NakasongolaCentre for Basic Research; Muhereza, F.E.IDRC Only
1994Other side of land issues in Buganda : pastoral crisis and the squatter movement in Sembabule Sub-DistrictCentre for Basic Research; Ddungu, E.IDRC Only
1993Recent trends in the Lango land tenure systemCentre for Basic Research; Opyene, J.E.IDRC Only
1991Review of the MISR - Wisconsin Land Tenure Centre study on land tenure and agricultural development in UgandaCentre for Basic Research; Ddungu, E.IDRC Only
1994Uganda : studies in living conditions, popular movements, and constitutionalismCentre for Basic Research; Mamdani, M.; Oloka-Onyango, J.IDRC Only