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1986Ad Hoc Committee report on the review of the Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition Sciences Division of the International Development Research CentreCastillo, G.T.; Poirier, R.P.Open Access
1975All in a grain of rice.Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Castillo, G.T.IDRC Only
1975Alternatives for rural youth: three village - level case studies in the Philippines; a summary reportCouncil for Asian Manpower Studies; Castillo, G.T.; Arboleda, D.M.; Domingo, L.P.; Lasap, V.M.IDRC Only
1977Après la technologie vient la vulgarisationCastillo, G.T.Open Access
1995Evaluation : purpose, process, product and probityCastillo, G.T.IDRC Only
1999Evaluation purposes, processes, products, and probity : some lessons from experienceCastillo, G.T.IDRC Only
1977Farmer revisitedCastillo, G.T.Open Access
1974Farmer's laborer; an exploratory study in Laguna, Philippines.University of the Philippines at Los Baños; Castillo, G.T.; Wickham, G.; Torres, E.B.IDRC Only
1976Filipino woman as manpower : the image and the empirical realityCouncil for Asian Manpower Studies; University of the Philippines at Los Baños; Castillo, G.T.IDRC Only
1983How participatory is participatory development? : a review of the Philippine experienceCastillo, G.T.IDRC Only
1972Juan de la Cruz in his search for rice sufficiency; a review of Philippine studies on the socio-economic implications of the Green Revolution.Castillo, G.T.IDRC Only
1986Rapport du Comité spécial chargé d'examen sur la Division des sciences de l'agriculture, de l'alimentation et de la nutrition du Centre de recherches pour le développement internationalCastillo, G.T.; Poirier, R.P.Open Access
2000Testimonials about IDRC on the occasion of its 30th anniversary celebrated on Oct. 17-18, 2000, and congratulations on Guiyang Workshop, China, Oct. 16-20, 2000IDRC; Castillo, G.T.; Head, I.L.; Jian Zehui; Zhu Lilan; Zonghan Zhu; De Koninck, R.Open Access
1971Who is the Filipino farmerCastillo, G.T.IDRC Only