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1994African discoveryBroadcasting for International Understanding Corporation; CIDA; IDRC; Mowbray, D.; Medina, A.; Lumb, L.IDRC Only
1990Angola droughtMétavidea Associates; Radio-Québec; CIDA; Vision TV; Puchniak, T.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Girard, S.IDRC Only
1976Arab world and Canada : prospects for cooperationCIDA; ACDI; Gérin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
1975Canada and the development of man.CIDA; Gerin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
1980Canadian International Cooperation : approaches to the seventiesCIDA; ACDI; Gérin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
1970Challenge of unemployment to development and the role of training and research institutes in developmentCIDA; IDRC; OECDIDRC Only
1994Coral griefIDRC; CIDA; TVOntario; Millar, L.; Moffit, C.; DeCory, J.IDRC Only
1971Development officer : the role of human creativity and imagination in international developmentCIDA; ACDI; Gerin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
1972Developmental administration : CIDA in a changing government organizationCIDA; Institute of Public Administration of Canada; ACDI; Institut d'administration publique du Canada; Gerin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
1975Dilemmas and choices of international development cooperation, 1975.CIDA; Gerin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
1986Environment and development : a CIDA perspectiveCIDA; ACDIIDRC Only
1982Financing educational development : proceedings of an international seminar held in Mont Sainte Marie, Canada, 19-21 May 1982IDRC; CIDAOpen Access
1974Focus on manCIDA; ACDI; Gerin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
1983Fragile web : the international agricultural research systemIDRC; CIDA; Consultative Group on International Agricultural ResearchOpen Access
1972Future role of DAC: address to the Committee on Aid and Development.CIDA; OECD; Gerin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
2003Gender mainstreaming in poverty eradication and the millennium development goals : a handbook for policy - makers and other stakeholdersCommonwealth Secretariat; IDRC; CIDA; Kabeer, N.Open Access
1989Human resource development : results of a 1988 international survey by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)IDRC; CIDAOpen Access
1986Impact of economic sanctions against South Africa on the S.A.D.C.C. StatesCIDA; Davids, C. W.IDRC Only
1971Journey to justiceCIDA; ACDI; Gerin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
1990JuanaMétavidea Associates; UNHCR; CIDA; Radio-Québec; Vision TV; Puchniak, T.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Cornellier, R.IDRC Only