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1976Alternative approaches to health promotionBrown, G.F.IDRC Only
1973Consideration of population policy for Canada.Dobson, W.; Brown, G.F.IDRC Only
1972Développement national et politique en matière de populationBrown, G.F.; CRDIOpen Access
1970Evolution of population policies and programs in North Africa.Brown, G.F.Open Access
1970Family planning and an attitude survey in urban Morocco.Brown, G.F.Open Access
1974Future trends in population planningBrown, G.F.IDRC Only
1974IDRC in health and population; a review of international research.Canadian Public Health Association; Brown, G.F.Open Access
1972Issue paper on populationBrown, G.F.; Dobson, W.Open Access
1968Moroccan family planning program; progress and problems.Brown, G.F.IDRC Only
1973Politica de población y desarrollo nacionalBrown, G.F.IDRC Only
1974Population : recherche, politiques; défis à releverBrown, G.F.Open Access
1974Population : research and policy face new challengesBrown, G.F.Open Access
1972Population policy and national developmentBrown, G.F.; IDRCOpen Access
1968Population study mission to Senegal, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast, June 16-26, 1968.Ford Foundation; Population Council; Caldwell, J.C.; Brown, G.F.; Hanson, H.IDRC Only
1972Report to the Secretary General of the United Nations from the Review Committee of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities.IDRC; UNFPA; Michanek, E.; Brown, G.F.; Johnson, S.; Dobson, W.Open Access
1975Sub-Saharan AfricaGauthier, H.; Brown, G.F.IDRC Only
1968Tunisia's experience in family planning.Povey, G.; Brown, G.F.IDRC Only