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1977Abstracting and abstract servicesBroadbent, K.P.; Agricultural Libraries Association of the PhilippinesIDRC Only
Oct-1985Agricultural information : experiences and emerging issuesBroadbent, K.P.Open Access
1977Agricultural information services in developed countries and their contribution to agricultural researchBroadbent, K.P.Open Access
1976Agriculture, environment and current policy in ChinaBroadbent, K.P.IDRC Only
1977AGRIS : a review of the system and services for Southeast Asian usersBroadbent, K.P.Open Access
1990Besoins d'information pour le développement ruralBroadbent, K.P.Open Access
1990Challenges for development in the Asia Pacific region : the information sector, Korea and the PhilippinesBroadbent, K.P.Open Access
1992Challenges for development in the Asia Pacific Region : the information sector, South Korea and the PhilippinesBroadbent, K.P.IDRC Only
1976China and the EEC : the politics of a new trade relationshipBroadbent, K.P.IDRC Only
1976China's youth policyBroadbent, K.P.Open Access
1978Chinese / English dictionary of China's rural economyCommonwealth Agricultural Bureaux; Broadbent, K.P.Open Access
1980Computer applicationsBroadbent, K.P.IDRC Only
1977Design and use of information systems : paper presented at the Second Summer Institute on Information Science, May 16-21, 1977Broadbent, K.P.Open Access
1990Future of scientific, technical and industrial information to Third World users : a donor's view; the experience of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), CanadaBroadbent, K.P.; Lafond, R.Open Access
1990Generating information for rural development : some suggested courses of action for ISD; final draftBroadbent, K.P.; Thompson, P.A.; Monkhouse, V.; Browne, P.; Akhtar, S.Open Access
1988Importance of information sharing in developing countries : marine science as an exampleBroadbent, K.P.Open Access
1989Importance of information sharing in developing countries : marine science as an exampleBroadbent, K.P.IDRC Only
1978Information and the rural community in developing countries : the case of the PhilippinesBroadbent, K.P.IDRC Only
1980Information needs and services for rural development : a discussion paperBroadbent, K.P.Open Access
1990Information needs for rural developmentBroadbent, K.P.Open Access