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1983Education and training : one donor's viewBrandreth, M.Open Access
1983Education and training : one donor's viewBrandreth, M.IDRC Only
1974Food crop research for the semi-arid tropicsIDRC; Brandreth, M.Open Access
1978Information for development research : the first seven years of the IDRC Information Sciences ProgramBrandreth, M.Open Access
1977Information programme for rural potable water supplies and sanitation : contribution to discussion paper to be presented to government authoritiesBrandreth, M.Open Access
1979Initiatives and trends : Ottawa regionBrandreth, M.Open Access
1976International Development Research Centre and computerized retrieval services.Schafer, M.E.; Brandreth, M.IDRC Only
1976International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases: library and information services; reportIDRC; Brandreth, M.Open Access
1975Some thoughts on a world information service related to rural water supplies and sanitation in developing countriesWoolston, J.E.; Brandreth, M.Open Access
1984Specialized information analysis centres in international development : report of a meeting ..., Montebello, Que., 4-8 Oct. 1982IDRC. Information Sciences Division; IDRC; Brandreth, M.Open Access
1974Summary record of the meeting based on the version presented to the final session / Meeting on the feasibility of an International information system for the Development Sciences (DEVSIS)IDRC; OECD; UNISIST; Brandreth, M.Open Access
1983Systems, networks and FID : a discussion paperBrandreth, M.Open Access
1982Training : a donor's view; paper to be presented to the FID / ET seminar, Hong Kong, Sept. 1982Brandreth, M.Open Access