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2009Ecosystem approaches to controlling of vector-borne diseases : dengue and Chagas disease; editorialTeixeira, Maria Glória; Boischio, Ana; Conceição N. Costa, Maria daOpen Access
2006Enfoques ecosistémicos para la salud humana : II Taller Internacional de Salud Ambiental en America Latina; Integrando una Perspectiva de Genero, Chihuahua, 2-3 out, 2006Bazzani, Roberto; Boischio, Ana; Charron, Dominique; De Plaen, Renaud; El Fattal, Lamia; Fajber, Liz; Gasengayire, François; Labatut, Jean-Michel; Maller, Hein; Orosz, Sophie; Sánchez, AndrésOpen Access
2006Final report : review of progress in project implementation during the second year; control and prevention of Chagas disease among Lenca populationBoischio, Ana; Wiens, PhilippaOpen Access
2009Health and sustainable development : challenges and opportunities of ecosystem approaches in the prevention and control of dengue and Chagas diseaseBoischio, Ana; Sánchez, Andrés; Orosz, Zsófia; Charron, Dominique F.Open Access
2006Health risks and benefits of urban and peri-urban agriculture and livestock (UA) in Sub-Saharan Africa : resource papers and workshop proceedingsBoischio, Ana; Clegg, Alison; Mwagore, DaliOpen Access
2007International training program on ecosystem approaches for environmental pollution assessment and managementCarvalho de Miranda, Ary; Moreira, Josino Costa; Rozemberg, Brani; Pederçane de Lima, Simone; Boischio, AnaIDRC Only
2006Minutes of monitoring visit (Honduras), August 30th - September 2nd, 2005Sánchez, Andrés; Boischio, AnaOpen Access
2006Project objectives, outputs and outcomesBoischio, AnaOpen Access