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2011Avaliação da lipoperoxidação em peixe como potencial biomarcador de contaminação aquáticaGomes, E G; Machado, A A S; Hoff, M L M; Bianchini, A-
2011Biomarkers response to zinc exposure in the symbiont-bearing foraminifer Amphistegina lessonii (Amphisteginidae, Foraminifera)Prazeres, M F; Martins, S E; Bianchini, A-
2011Chitobiase of planktonic crustaceans from South Atlantic coast (Southern Brazil): Characterization and influence of abiotic parameters on enzyme activityAvila, T R; Machado, A A S; Bianchini, A-
2011Mechanisms of copper accumulation in isolated mantle cells of the marine clam Mesodesma mactroidesLopes, T M; Barcarolli, I F; de Oliveira, C B; de Souza, M M; Bianchini, A-
2011Mechanisms of sodium extrusion in isolated mitochondria-rich cells of the freshwater mussel Lasmigona costata after copper exposureNogueira, L S; Wood, C M; Bianchini, A; Gillis, P L-
2010mRNA Expression and activity of ion-transporting proteins in gills of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus: Effects of waterborne copperMartins, C M G; Almeida, D V; Marins, L F F; Bianchini, A-
2011Multibiomarker approach at different organization levels in the estuarine Perinereis gualpensis (Polychaeta; Nereididae) under chronic and acute pollution conditionsDíaz-Jaramillo, M; Martins da Rocha, A; Gomes, V; Bianchini, A; Monserrat, J M-
2011Toxicity tests aiming to protect Brazilian aquatic systems: current status and implications for managementMartins, S E; Bianchini, A-
2011Whole-body autoradiography: An efficient technique to study copper accumulation and body distribution in small organismsPinho, G L L; Bianchini, A; Rouleau, C-