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Jan-2011Agricultural strategies to improve nutrition, food security and gender equality for the rural poor in MalawiBezner Kerr, Rachel; Bonatsos, Christine; Jones, AndrewIDRC Only
2007Breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices in Malawi : timing, reasons, decision makers and child health consequencesBezner Kerr, Rachel; Berti, Peter R.; Chirwa, MarkoIDRC Only
2011Fluid boundaries : multiple meanings of the illness ‘moto’ in Northern MalawiSikstrom, Laura; Bezner Kerr, Rachel; Dakishoni, LaifoloIDRC Only
2008Gender and agrarian inequality at the local scale (chapter 9)Bezner Kerr, RachelIDRC Only
2010Land is changing : contested agricultural narratives in Northern Malawi (chapter 7)Bezner Kerr, RachelIDRC Only
2005Legume options in Malawi : an ecosystem approach to intensifying indigenous food systems to improve soil fertility, food security and child healthShumba, L.; Chirwa, M.; Bezner Kerr, Rachel; Berti, Peter R.IDRC Only
2012Lessons from the old Green Revolution for the new: Social, environmental and nutritional issues for agricultural change in AfricaBezner Kerr, RachelIDRC Only
2013Modeling and participatory farmer-led approaches to food security in a changing world : a case study from MalawiSnapp, Sieglinde; Bezner Kerr, Rachel; Smith, Alex; Ollenburger, Mary; Mhango, Wezi; Shumba, Lizzie; Gondwe, Tinkani; Kanyama-Phiri, GeorgeIDRC Only
2004Participatory research approaches and social dynamics that influence agricultural practices to improve child nutrition in MalawiBezner Kerr, Rachel; Chirwa, MarkoIDRC Only
2007Participatory research on legume diversification with Malawian smallholder farmers for improved human nutrition and soil fertilityBezner Kerr, Rachel; Snapp, Sieglinde; Chirwa, Marko; Shumba, Lizzie; Msachi, RodgersIDRC Only
2008Soils Food and Healthy Communities, Phase II : IDRC final technical report, 6 December 2004 - 5 March 2008Berti, Peter R.; Bezner Kerr, RachelIDRC Only
2004Soils, food and healthy communities : a participatory agroecosystem approach to monitoring change in Northern MalawiChirwa, Marko; Narivata, Patson; Shumba, Lizzie; Chilima, Dorothy; Phiri, Dorothy; Bezner Kerr, Rachel; Berti, PeterIDRC Only
2008Soils, Food and Healthy Communities, Malawi, Phase II : a participatory agroecosystem approach to monitoring change in Northern Malawi; final technical report, December 6, 2004 - March 6, 2008Shumba, Lizzie; Dakishoni, Laifolo; Bezner Kerr, RachelOpen Access
2010Unearthing the cultural and material struggles over seed in Malawi (chapter 10)Bezner Kerr, RachelIDRC Only
2008We grandmothers know plenty : breastfeeding, complementary feeding and the multifaceted role of grandmothers in MalawiBezner Kerr, Rachel; Dakishoni, Laifolo; Shumba, Lizzie; Msachi, Rodgers; Chirwa, MarkoIDRC Only
2004Working to improve nutrition through participatory cropping systems research in Malawi : the Soils, Food and Healthy Communities project, Ekwendeni, MalawiBezner Kerr, RachelOpen Access