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1994Alternative funding : looking beyond the nation stateBezanson, K.A.; Mendez, R.Open Access
1995Alternative funding : looking beyond the nation stateBezanson, K.A.; Mendez, R.IDRC Only
1994Après Rio : communication aux nouveaux députés du 35e Parlement canadienBezanson, K.A.Open Access
1997Changing context of developmentBezanson, K.A.IDRC Only
1995Closing remarks : a summing upBezanson, K.A.IDRC Only
1994Collapsing vision of global developmentBezanson, K.A.IDRC Only
1992Collapsing vision of global development : presented by ... at the UNDP Conference, Bucharest, Romania, Sept. 4-6, 1992Bezanson, K.A.Open Access
1992Disappearing vision of global developmentBezanson, K.A.Open Access
1994Education in an automated society : presented by ... at the Education for a New Century Conference, May 15-17, 1994, Winnipeg, MBBezanson, K.A.Open Access
1995Elusive search : development and progress in the transition to a new centuryBezanson, K.A.; Sagasti, F.Open Access
1993Écologisation de la technologie : politique officielle et attitudes publiquesBezanson, K.A.Open Access
1994Éducation dans une société à l'heure de l'automatisationBezanson, K.A.Open Access
2001Financing and providing global public goods : expectations and prospectsSweden. Ministry for Foreign Affairs; Institute of Development Studies, Development Financing 2000 Project; Sagasti, F.R.; Bezanson, K.A.IDRC Only
1992From approaches to ensuring that mothers and children profit from lessons learnedBezanson, K.A.IDRC Only
1993Greening of technology : public policy and the public mind; presented at the Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Ecotechnology and Rural Employment, organized by the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Apr. 14-17, 1993Bezanson, K.A.Open Access
1996IDRC all staff meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs, July 8, 1996IDRC; Axworthy, L.; Bezanson, K.A.Open Access
1995IDRC all staff meeting, July 18, 1995IDRC; Bezanson, K.A.Open Access
1996IDRC all staff meeting, May 8, 1996IDRC; Bezanson, K.A.; MacDonald, F.Open Access
1996IDRC all staff meeting, Nov. 4, 1996IDRC; Bezanson, K.A.Open Access
1994IDRC Development Forum, June 15, 1994 : GATT Agreement; Biodiversity and Intellectual PropertyBezanson, K.A.; Voss, J.Open Access