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25-Nov-2011Authorship in IPCC AR5 and its implications for content : climate change and Indigenous populations in WGIIFord, James D.; Vanderbilt, Will; Berrang-Ford, LeaOpen Access
5-Nov-2012Balancing indigenous principles and institutional research guidelines for informed consent : a case study from the Peruvian AmazonSherman, Mya; Berrang-Ford, Lea; Ford, James; Lardeau, Marie-Pierre; Hofmeijer, Irene; Zavaleta Cortijo, CarolIDRC Only
2005Sleeping sickness in Southeastern Uganda : a systems approachBerrang-Ford, Lea; Waltner-Toews, David; Charron, Dominique F.; Odiit, Martin; McDermott, JohnIDRC Only
2006Sleeping sickness in Uganda : revisiting current and historical distributionsBerrang-Ford, Lea; Odiit, Martin; Maiso, Faustin; Waltner-Toews, David; McDermott, JohnIDRC Only
2006Spacial analysis of sleeping sickness, Southeastern Uganda, 1970 - 2003Berrang-Ford, Lea; Berke, Olaf; Abdelrahman, Lubowa; Waltner-Toews, David; McDermott, JohnIDRC Only
Oct-2014Status of climate change adaptation in Africa and AsiaFord, James D.; Berrang-Ford, Lea; Bunce, Anna; McKay, Courtney; Irwin, Maya; Pearce, TristanOpen Access
22-Feb-2015Systematic review approaches for climate change adaptation researchBerrang-Ford, Lea; Pearce, Tristan; Ford, James D.Open Access
2012Vulnerability of indigenous health to climate change : a case study of Uganda’s Batwa PygmiesBerrang-Ford, Lea; Dingle, Kathryn; Ford, James D.; Lee, Celine; Lwasa, ShuaibIDRC Only