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1964Autoradiographic studies of the distribution of 1 aminocyclopentane carboxylic acid in normal and cancerous mice.Berlinguet, L.; Begin, N.; Babineau, L.M.IDRC Only
1971Avenir de SCITEC; un interviewBerlinguet, L.; Baroux, J.Open Access
1964Biochemical studies of an unnatural and antitumor amino acid: 1 aminocyclopentanecarboxylic acid; I. Toxicity and tissue distribution. II. Effects on cellular respiration and amino acid metabolism.Berlinguet, L.; Begin, N.IDRC Only
1968Effects of polyamino acids, histones and heparin on amino acid incorporation into ribosomal proteins from rat liver.Berlinguet, L.; Normand, A.IDRC Only
1978New tools for developmentBerlinguet, L.Open Access
1978Para quién? : por qué?Berlinguet, L.Open Access
1978Pour un nouvel ordre scientifique et techniqueBerlinguet, L.Open Access
1980Proposal for an increased involvement of the world scientific community in the field of international developmentBerlinguet, L.Open Access
1966Proteolytic enzymes in normal and dystrophic mouse muscle.Berlinguet, L.; Srivastava, U.IDRC Only
1987Report on feasibility study on the role of networking in international healthCanadian Society of Tropical Medicine and International Health; Berlinguet, L.; Kerr, M.; Mackinnon, A.IDRC Only
1978Réflexion sur le transfert de la technologie à partir de programmes récents au Tiers-MondeBerlinguet, L.IDRC Only
1979Speech of Dr. L. Berlinguet, Senior Vice-President, International Development Research CentreBerlinguet, L.IDRC Only
1966Substance in some commercial preparations of Bacillus thuringiensis var. thuringiensis toxic to sawfly larvae.Smirnoff, W.A.; Berlinguet, L.IDRC Only
1974Subventionner le développementBerlinguet, L.IDRC Only
1978Views on the transfer of technology based on recent programmes in the Third WorldBerlinguet, L.Open Access