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2010Applying resilience thinking to questions of policy for pastoralist systems : lessons from the Gabra of Northern KenyaRobinson, Lance W.; Berkes, FikretIDRC Only
Oct-2010Can social capital contribute to interactive governance theory? A proposed frameworkTrimble, Micaela; Berkes, FikretIDRC Only
2007Community - based conservation : the UNDP equator initiative project; final reportDavy, Brian; Berkes, Fikret; Davidson-Hunt, Iain; Simao Seixas, Cristiana; Adhikari, TikaramOpen Access
2006Development and conservation : indigenous businesses and the UNDP Equator InitiativeBerkes, Fikret; Adhikari, TikaramIDRC Only
2004Lessons from community self-organization and cross - scale linkages in four Equator initiative projectsBerkes, Fikret; Seixas, Cristiana S.Open Access
2001Managing small-scale fisheries : alternative directions and methodsBerkes, Fikret; Mahon, Robin; McConney, Patrick; Pollnac, Richard; Pomeroy, RobertOpen Access
2011Multi-level participation for building adaptive capacity : formal agency-community interactions in Northern KenyaRobinson, Lance W.; Berkes, FikretOpen Access
2004One hand can't clap : combining scientific and local knowledge for improved Caribbean fisheries managementGrant, Sandra; Berkes, FikretIDRC Only
2012Rights, Conservation, and Co-governance: Indigenous-Parks Collaboration in Makuira National Park, ColombiaBerkes, Fikret; Premauer, Julia M; The University of Manitoba Department of PhilosophyIDRC Only
2006Role of participatory governance and community - based management in integrated coastal and ocean management in CanadaKearney, John; Berkes, Fikret; Charles, Anthony; Pinkerton, Evelyn; Wiber, MelanieIDRC Only