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1955Age and channeling of Ceylon lateriteVermaat, J.G.; Bentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1953Agriculture in CeylonBentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1968Agriculture, and aid for it, in development.Bentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1970Careers in soil scienceBentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1969Dirty hand approach needed in tropical agricultureBentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1956Equipment for seeding fertilizer experiments with small grainsBentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1951Fertilizer studies with radioactive sulphur ICormack, D.V.; Bentley, C.F.; Scott, D.B.IDRC Only
1967Food for all; can agriculture provide?Agricultural Institute of Canada; Bentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1971Gray wooded soils and their management.University of Alberta; Bentley, C.F.; Peters, T.W.; Henning, A.M.F.; Walker, D.R.IDRC Only
1975Maximizing food, timber, wildlife and fish production.Bentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1946Phosphorus fixation studies with some Saskatchewan soilsMaas, E.F.; Bentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1961Population problems and man's futureBentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1968Report of the Canadian Agricultural Task Force - India to the External Aid Office of CanadaCanadian Agricultural Task Force to India; Bentley, C.F.; Gall, W.J.; Hopper, W.D.IDRC Only
1970Role of institutions of higher agricultural education in the O.E.C.D.OECD; Bentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1956Soils and fertilizers for Alberta gardens and lawns.University of Alberta; Bentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1947Study of some solonetzic soil complexes in Saskatchewan.Bentley, C.F.; Rost, C.O.IDRC Only
1961Sulphur fractions of legumes as indicators of sulphur deficiency.Walker, D.R.; Bentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1970We're pouring money down the (brain) drainBentley, C.F.IDRC Only
-What is the score between food output vs. mouths to feed?Bentley, C.F.IDRC Only
1965Will there be enough food?Bentley, C.F.IDRC Only