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1978Biogas technology in the Third World : a multi-disciplinary reviewIDRC; Barnett, A.; Pyle, L.; Subramanian, S.K.Open Access
1990Diffusion and innovation in the Chinese biogas programDaxiong Qiu; Shuhua Gu; Liange, B.; Gehua Wang; Barnett, A.IDRC Only
1990Diffusion of energy technology in the rural areas of developing countries : a synthesis of recent experienceUniversity of Sussex; Barnett, A.IDRC Only
1990Diffusion of rural energy technologyWorld Development Institute; Barnett, A.IDRC Only
1983Energy R and D policy : some analytical issuesBarnett, A.Open Access
1981Energy research in developing countries : guidelines for an IDRC responseBarnett, A.Open Access
1985Energy research strategies in developing countriesEnergy Research Group; Barnett, A.; Chesshire, J.; Surrey, J.IDRC Only
1982Reaction to the synthesis report prepared for the UN conference on new and renewable sources of energyBarnett, A.Open Access
1982Report of the Informal Meeting of Energy Research Donors held at the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, 20-21, Apr. 1982IDRC; Barnett, A.; Adams, P.Open Access
1982Rural energy and the Third World : a review of social science research and technology policy problemsBarnett, A.; Bell, M.; Hoffman, K.IDRC Only
1984Rural energy technology assessment and innovationBarnett, A.Open Access
1984Second Informal Meeting of Energy Research Donors, Ottawa, Canada, Sept. 17-18, 1984IDRC; Barnett, A.; Krugmann, H.Open Access