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2011Choice-disability and HIV infection : a cross sectional study of HIV status in Botswana, Namibia and SwazilandAndersson, Neil; Cockcroft, AnneOpen Access
2006CIET beyond victims and villains : episode #9Ho-Foster, Ari; Matthis, Judith; Andersson, NeilIDRC Only
8-Jun-2007Community views about routine HIV testing and antiretroviral treatment in Botswana: signs of progress from a cross sectional studyCockcroft, Anne; Andersson, Neil; Milne, Deborah; Mokoena, Thamie; Masisi, MokgweetsiOpen Access
2006Community Views of Antiretroviral Therapy : strengthening stakeholder information systems in Southern Africa : Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland; final technical reportCIET Africa; Andersson, Neil; Cockcroft, Anne; Milne, Deborah; Mokoena, Thamie; Marokoane, NobantuIDRC Only
2010Community views of inter-generational sex : findings from focus groups in Botswana, Namibia and SwazilandCockcroft, Anne; Lengwe Kunda, John; Kgakole, Leagajang; Masisi, Mokgweetsi; Laetsang, Ditiro; Ho-Foster, Ari; Marokoane, Nobantu; Andersson, NeilIDRC Only
2009Equity and vaccine uptake : a cross-sectional study of measles vaccination in Lasbela District, PakistanMitchell, Steven; Andersson, Neil; Ansari, Noor Mohammad; Omer, Khalid; Legorreta Soberanis, José; Cockcroft, AnneOpen Access
2010Equity in HIV testing : evidence from a crosssectional study in ten Southern African countriesMitchell, Steven; Cockcroft, Anne; Lamothe, Gilles; Andersson, NeilOpen Access
2009Evidence-based discussion increases childhood vaccination uptake : a randomised cluster controlled trial of knowledge translation in PakistanAndersson, Neil; Cockcroft, Anne; Ansari, Noor M.; Omer, Khalid; Baloch, ManzoorOpen Access
2008Evidence-based training of frontline health workers for door-to-door health promotion : a pilot randomized controlled cluster trial with lady health workers in Sindh province, PakistanOmer, Khalid; Mhatre, Sharmila; Ansari, Noor; Laucirica, Jorge; Andersson, NeilIDRC Only
2010Gender-specific patterns of multiple concurrent sexual partnerships : a national cross sectional survey in BotswanaHo-Foster, Ari; Laetsang, Ditiro; Masisi, Mokgweetsi; Anderson, Marina; Tlhoiwe, Derrick; Cockcroft, Anne; Andersson, NeilIDRC Only
2005Household cost-benefit equations and sustainable universal childhood immunization : a randomised cluster controlled trial in South PakistanAndersson, Neil; Cockcroft, Anne; Ansari, Noor; Omer, Khalid; Losos, JoeOpen Access
2009Increasing the demand for childhood vaccination in developing countries : a systematic reviewShea, Beverley; Andersson, Neil; Henry, DavidOpen Access
2009Knowledge synthesis of benefits and adverse effects of measles vaccination : the Lasbela balance sheetLedogar, Robert J.; Fleming, John; Andersson, NeilOpen Access
2011Male responsibility and maternal morbidity: a cross-sectional study in two Nigerian statesAndersson, Neil; Omer, Khalid; Caldwell, Dawn; Dambam, Mohammed Musa; Maikudi, Ahmed YahyaOpen Access
2009One size does not fit all : local determinants of measles vaccination in four districts of PakistanCockcroft, Anne; Andersson, Neil; Omer, Khalid; Ansari, Noor M.; Khan, Amir; Chaudhry, Ubaid Ullah; Ansari, UmairaOpen Access
2011Population weighted raster maps can communicate findings of social audits : examples from three continentsMitchell, Steven; Cockcroft, Anne; Andersson, NeilOpen Access
25-Sep-2006Prevention for those who have freedom of choice – or among the choice-disabled : confronting equity in the AIDS epidemicAndersson, NeilOpen Access
2011Proof of impact and pipeline planning: directions and challenges for social audit in the health sectorAndersson, NeilOpen Access
2011Socio-economic status and HIV/AIDS stigma in TanzaniaAmuri, Mbaraka; Mitchell, Steve; Cockcroft, Anne; Andersson, NeilIDRC Only
2010What happened to multiple sexual partnerships in Swaziland? : analysis of five linked national surveys between 2002 and 2008Cockcroft, Anne; Andersson, Neil; Ho-Foster, Ari; Marokoane, Nobantu; Mziyako, BhekaIDRC Only