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1974African fisheries : their problems and opportunities and their role in the Sahelian famineUN. Special Sahelian Office; Allsopp, W.H.L.IDRC Only
1974Aquaculture research programme : report of the TAC Subcommittee on AquacultureConsultative Group on International Agricultural Research, Technical Advisory Committee; Allsopp, W.H.L.; Bardach, J.E.; Pillay, T.V.R.IDRC Only
1977Bighead soup for lunchTajuddin, A.; Watts, E.G.; Funk, J.D.; Allsopp, W.H.L.; Davy, F.B.Open Access
1975Development of an aquaculture research training center in Southeast Asia : report of a committee for evaluation of proposed sitesHalver, J.; Gorbman, A.; Allsopp, W.H.L.IDRC Only
1979Ecological aspects of cage culture of fishAllsopp, W.H.L.Open Access
1983Estrategias para evitar la pesca acompañante en el arrastre camaroneroAllsopp, W.H.L.; Sternin, V.Open Access
1980Fish by-catch from shrimp trawling : the main protein resource for Caribbean Atlantic Countries; reality and potentialAllsopp, W.H.L.Open Access
1985Fishery development experiencesAllsopp, W.H.L.IDRC Only
1976Making war on wasteAllsopp, W.H.L.Open Access
1975Management strategies in some problematic tropical fisheriesAllsopp, W.H.L.IDRC Only
1976Pescado : una solución alimenticia para el mundo en desarrolloAllsopp, W.H.L.Open Access
1977Potage de carpe au menuTajuddin, A.; Watts, E.G.; Funk, J.D.; Allsopp, W.H.L.; Davy, F.B.Open Access
1979Potential for developing oysterculture in tropical countriesAllsopp, W.H.L.Open Access
1974Problemes et perspectives de la peche en Afrique: son role dans la famine au Sahel.ONU. Bureau spécial du Sahel; Allsopp, W.H.L.IDRC Only
1977Problems and perspectives of tropical fisheriesAllsopp, W.H.L.IDRC Only
1976Progress in tropical aquaculture researchDavy, F.B.; Allsopp, W.H.L.Open Access
1974Research and development activities of the International Development Research Centre of Canada in West Africa and the CaribbeanAllsopp, W.H.L.IDRC Only
1973Research investigations of some tropical fish products being supported by the International Development Research Centre of CanadaAllsopp, W.H.L.Open Access
1977Self-managed development : an interviewAllsopp, W.H.L.IDRC Only
1977Some fishery options for food supply increase in the Caribbean AtlanticAllsopp, W.H.L.Open Access