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1976A/D/C teaching & research forum, no. 1, June 1976 - no. 4, October 1976Agricultural Development CouncilIDRC Only
1978A/D/C teaching & research forum, no. 13, April 1978 - no. 17, April 1978Agricultural Development CouncilIDRC Only
1979A/D/C teaching & research forum, no. 18, May 1979 - no. 21, May 1979Agricultural Development CouncilIDRC Only
1980A/D/C teaching & research forum, no. 22, September 1980 - no. 26, 1982Agricultural Development CouncilIDRC Only
1977A/D/C teaching & research forum, no. 5, March 1977 - no. 12, November 1977Agricultural Development CouncilIDRC Only
1971A/D/C teaching forum, no. 1, rev. April 1972 - no. 10, Oct. 1971Agricultural Development CouncilIDRC Only
1972A/D/C teaching forum, no. 11, Jan. 1972 - no. 24, Nov. 1972Agricultural Development CouncilIDRC Only
1973A/D/C teaching forum, no. 25, Jan. 1973 - no. 34, September 1973Agricultural Development CouncilIDRC Only
1974A/D/C teaching forum, no. 35, Jan. 1974 - no. 43, June 1974Agricultural Development CouncilIDRC Only
1975A/D/C teaching forum, no. 44, March 1975 - no. 47, February 1976Agricultural Development CouncilIDRC Only
1977Agricultural Development Council : Regional Research and Training Program (South and Southeast Asia)Agricultural Development CouncilOpen Access
1977Agricultural sector analysis in AsiaAgricultural Development Council; Langham, M.R.; Retzlaff, R.H.IDRC Only
1971Farm mechanization in East AsiaAgricultural Development Council; Southworth, H.IDRC Only
1979How to make a social survey interview schedule : instructions for beginnersAgricultural Development Council; Frank Lynch, S.J.IDRC Only
1978Improving farm management teaching in AsiaAgricultural Development Council; Tan, B.T.; Adulavidhaya, K.; Singh, I.J.; Flinn, J.C.; Ong, S.E.IDRC Only
1976Irrigation policy and the management of irrigation systems in Southeast Asia : proceedings of a conference ... June 22-25, 1976Agricultural Development Council; IRRI; Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Taylor, D.C.; Wickham, T.H.IDRC Only
1982Man, land and sea : coastal resource use and management in Asia and the PacificAgricultural Development Council; Soysa, C.; Chia, Lin Sien; Collier, W.L.IDRC Only
1975Methods for allocating resources in applied agricultural research in Latin America.Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; Agricultural Development Council; Pinstrup-Andersen, P.; Byrnes, F.C.; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1973Regional research and training programs (S.E. Asia) renewal projectAgricultural Development Council; IDRCIDRC Only