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1993Agrobiodiversity in global conservation policyAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Wood, D.IDRC Only
1994Biodiplomacy : genetic resources and international relationsAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Sánchez, V.; Juma, C.Open Access
1993Biodiversity conservation and intellectual property rights : co-operation between developed and developing countriesAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Illescas, M.IDRC Only
1992Biodiversity conservation in Chile : policies and practicesAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Moraga-Rojel, J.R.IDRC Only
1993Biotechnology in Thailand : scientific capacity and technological changeAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Davis, C.H.; Eisemon, T.O.; Yuthavong, Y.; Phornsadja, K.Open Access
1991Changing images : portrayal of girls and women in Kenyan textbooksAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Obura, A.P.IDRC Only
1993Convention on biological diversity : national interests and global imperatives; international conference on the convention on biological diversity - national interests and global imperatives, 26-29 Jan. 1993African Centre for Technology StudiesOpen Access
2007Final report to IDRC : recommendationsSwallow, Brent; Rumley, Rachel; Yatich, Thomas; Tomich, Thomas; Velarde, Sandra; International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (World Agroforestry Centre); International Centre for World Conservation Union (IUCN); Forest Trends; Institute for Social and Economic Change; Corporación Grupo Randi Randi; African Centre for Technology Studies; United Nations Environment Programme, Division for Environmental Law and ConventionsIDRC Only
1992Genetic resources and sustainable agriculture : creating incentives for local innovation and adaptationAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Reid, W.V.IDRC Only
1992Intellectual property, biotechnology and trade : the impact of the Uruguay Round on BiodiversityAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Acharya, R.IDRC Only
1992Property rights, biotechnology and genetic resourcesAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Khalil, M.; Reid, W.V.; Juma, C.IDRC Only
1992Seed germination of indigenous trees in BostwanaAfrican Centre for Technology Studies; Forestry Association of Botswana; Tietema, T.; Merkesdal, E.; Schroten, J.IDRC Only