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1974Economics; new perspectives.Ward, B.IDRC Only
1972End of an epochWard, B.IDRC Only
1976Essai sur l'article 30.Ward, B.IDRC Only
1973Établissements humains : crise et survieONU; Ward, B.IDRC Only
1974Fat years and the lean.Ward, B.IDRC Only
1974Hunger, politics and markets : the real issues in the food crisisIDRC; Aziz, S.; Ward, B.IDRC Only
1974Imagination in development.Ward, B.IDRC Only
1975Intolerability of Topsy.Ward, B.IDRC Only
1968Lopsided world.Johns Hopkins University; Ward, B.IDRC Only
1966Nationalism and ideology.Carleton University; Ward, B.IDRC Only
2002No evidence for short or long term morbidity after increased titer measles vaccination in SudanLibman, M.D.; Ibrahim, S.A.; Omer, M.I.; Adlan, I.A.; Bellavance, F.; Hoskins, E.; Bertley, F.; Ward, B.-
1972Only one earth; the care and maintenance of a small planet.Ward, B.; Dubos, R.IDRC Only
1963Plan under pressures; an observer's view.Council for Economic Education; Ward, B.IDRC Only
1966Space ship earthWard, B.IDRC Only
1975That shrewd yet visionary voice.Ward, B.IDRC Only
1964Towards a world of plenty?University of Toronto; Ward, B.IDRC Only
1966Two views on aid to developing countries.Institute of Economic Affairs; Overseas Development Institute; Ward, B.; Bauer, P.T.IDRC Only
1973Urban planet.Ward, B.IDRC Only
1976Ward's plea: save 10 pct. in arms to help starving.Ward, B.IDRC Only
1973Who speaks for earth?International Institute for Environmental Affairs; Population Institute; Ward, B.; Dubos, R.; Heyerdahl, T.; Myrdal, G.; Miro, C.IDRC Only