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2008An Agroecosystem Health Case Study in the Central Highlands of KenyaGitau, Thomas; Waltner-Toews, David; McDermott, JohnIDRC Only
2003Complex Systems, Complex Data, The Challenge of Integrating Databases in Ecosystem Approaches to HealthCharron, Dominique; Waltner-Toews, DavidIDRC Only
2005Diagrammatic approach to understanding complex eco-social interactions in Kathmandu, NepalNeudoerffer, R. Cynthia; Waltner-Toews, David; Kay, James J.; Joshi, D. D.; Tamang, Mukta S.IDRC Only
2011EcoHealth : a primerWaltner-Toews, DavidIDRC Only
May-2013Ecohealth trainer manual (FBLI)Basuno, Edi; Borin, Khieu; Crocetti, Erin Michelle; Nguyen Thanh Huong; Jing Fang; Fèvre, Sonia; Horwitz, Pierre; Waltner-Toews, DavidOpen Access
2008Food, Floods, and Farming - An Ecosystem Approach to Human Health on the Peruvian Amazon FrontierMurray, Tamsyn P; Waltner-Toews, David; Sanchez-Choy, Jose; Sanchez-Zavala, FelixIDRC Only
2008Landscape perspectives on agroecosystem health in the Great Lakes BasinCharron, Dominique F.; Waltner-Toews, DavidIDRC Only
2002Linking Human and Ecosystem Health on the Amazon FrontierMurray, Tamsyn P; Kay, James J; Waltner-Toews, David; Raez-Luna, Ernesto F; Aguirre, A Alonso; Ostfeld, Richard S; Tabor, Gary M; House, Carol; Pearl, Mary CIDRC Only
Dec-2009Modified case-control study of cryptosporidiosis (using non-Cryptosporidium-infected enteric cases as controls) in a community settingCharron, Dominique F.; Pintar, K.D.M.; Pollari, F.; Waltner-Toews, David; McEwen, S.A.; Fazil, A.; Nesbitt, A.IDRC Only
14-Aug-2012Participatory and integrative approaches to food safety in developing country citiesGrace, Delia; Kang’ethe, Erastus; Waltner-Toews, DavidIDRC Only
2003Perspective changes everything: managing ecosystems from the inside outWaltner-Toews, David; Kay, James J; Neudoerffer, Cynthia; Gitau, ThomasIDRC Only
2008Return to Kathmandu - A Post Hoc Application of AMESHNeudoerffer, R Cynthia; Waltner-Toews, David; Kay, James JIDRC Only
2005Sleeping sickness in Southeastern Uganda : a systems approachBerrang-Ford, Lea; Waltner-Toews, David; Charron, Dominique F.; Odiit, Martin; McDermott, JohnIDRC Only
2006Sleeping sickness in Uganda : revisiting current and historical distributionsBerrang-Ford, Lea; Odiit, Martin; Maiso, Faustin; Waltner-Toews, David; McDermott, JohnIDRC Only
2006Spacial analysis of sleeping sickness, Southeastern Uganda, 1970 - 2003Berrang-Ford, Lea; Berke, Olaf; Abdelrahman, Lubowa; Waltner-Toews, David; McDermott, JohnIDRC Only
2012Special Report | Rapport spécial: Whither ecosystem health and ecological medicine in veterinary medicine and educationNielsen, N Ole; Waltner-Toews, David; Nishi, John S; Hunter, D BruceIDRC Only
2010Tools for thoughtful action : the role of eosystem approaches to health in enhancing public healthWebb, Jena C.; Mergler, Donna; Parkes, Margot W.; Saint-Charles, Johanne; Spiegel, Jerry; Waltner-Toews, David; Yassi, Annalee; Woollard, Robert F.IDRC Only
2003Urban Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health: Linkages between Research Results and Policy Development: Kathmandu Case Study - A ResponseWaltner-Toews, DavidIDRC Only
2009Water consumption habits of a south-western Ontario communityPintar, K.D.M.; Waltner-Toews, David; Charron, Dominique F.; Pollari, F.; Fazil, A.; McEwen, S.A.; Nesbitt, A.IDRC Only