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2004Additional reading for the CBNRM [Community Based Natural Resources Management] courseVernooy, RonnieOpen Access
Jun-2003Agricultores e investigadores innovan la agricultura en Cuba : la necesidad impulsa la búsqueda de alternativasVernooy, Ronnie; Stanley, BobOpen Access
1996Agricultura sustentable de ladera en ColombiaVernooy, RonnieOpen Access
Jun-2003Amélioration de l'orge : une nouvelle façon de travailler avec les agriculteurs des régions aridesVernooy, Ronnie; Stanley, BobOpen Access
2010Aprendizaje colaborativo en acción : ejemplos del manejo de los recursos naturales en AsiaVernooy, RonnieOpen Access
Jun-2003Breeding better barley - together : a new way to work with farmers in dry areasVernooy, Ronnie; Stanley, BobOpen Access
Jun-2003Bridging the gap between scientists and farmers in China : strengthening local seed development systems is the keyVernooy, Ronnie; Stanley, BobOpen Access
2005CBNRM [Community Based Natural Resources Management] course : some notes about theoretical perspectives (for Module 1)Vernooy, RonnieOpen Access
2005CBNRM [Community Based Natural Resources Management] course in China : experiences in the PCD [Participatory Curriculum Development]Vernooy, Ronnie; Qi Gubo; Lu Min; Gao XiaoweiIDRC Only
Jun-2003Cebada superior, en cooperación : nueva forma de trabajo con agricultores en tierras áridasVernooy, Ronnie; Stanley, BobOpen Access
2010Collaborative learning in practice : examples from natural resource management in AsiaVernooy, RonnieOpen Access
2005Community-Based Natural Resource Management : an introduction; course readerVernooy, Ronnie; Li XiaoyunIDRC Only
2007Context : brief historical background, and the genesis of the GAAS action research effortsQiu Sun; Vernooy, RonnieOpen Access
2011Custodians of biodiversity : sharing access and benefits to genetic resourcesRuiz, Manuel; Vernooy, RonnieOpen Access
1999Desarrollo de procesos organizativos a nivel local para el manejo colectivo de recursos naturalesBeltrán, Jorge Alonso; Tijerino, Dominga; Vernooy, RonnieIDRC Only
Jun-2003Descubriendo la diversidad en las montañas de Nepal : agricultores e investigadores trabajan juntos para mejorar el arroz y el maízVernooy, Ronnie; Stanley, BobOpen Access
Jun-2003Découverte de la diversité dans les montagnes du Népal : agriculteurs et chercheurs travaillent à l'amélioration du riz et du maïsVernooy, Ronnie; Stanley, BobOpen Access
Jun-2003Discovering diversity in the hills of Nepal : farmers and researchers work together to improve rice and maizeVernooy, Ronnie; Stanley, BobOpen Access
Jun-2003Engine for rural development in Latin America : "now we see things - our minds have been woken up"Vernooy, Ronnie; Stanley, BobOpen Access
2001Expanding the horizon : an evaluation of the Mekong Delta Farming Systems Research and Development Institute's capacity development effortsVernooy, Ronnie; Nguyen Quang Tuyen; Le Thanh DuongOpen Access