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2004Reversing grassland degradation and improving herders' livelihoods in the Altai mountains of MongoliaVernooy, R.; Ykhanbai, H.; Bulgan, E.; Beket, U.; Graham, J.Open Access
2003Sécurité alimentaire : semences porteuses de menaces ou de solutions?Vernooy, R.Open Access
2006Social and gender analysis in natural resource management : learning studies and lessons from AsiaVernooy, R.Open Access
1999Strengthening research skills in participatory monitoring and evaluation : training materialsIDRC; Vernooy, R.Open Access
2001Strengthening skills in participatory monitoring and evaluation : work underway in ChinaVernooy, R.Open Access
1999Strengthening skills in participatory monitoring and evaluation workshop, July 20-23, 1999Vernooy, R.Open Access
2000Taking care of what we have : participatory natural resource management on the Caribbean coast of NicaraguaVernooy, R.; Christie, P.; Bradford, D.; Garth, R.; González, B.Open Access
2003Voices for change : participatory monitoring and evaluation in China [Chinese version]Vernooy, R.; Sun Qiu; Xu JianchuOpen Access
2005Whose varieties are they? : clarifying questions of recognition, access, and benefit sharing related to the development of new varieties through participatory plant breedingIDRC; Vernooy, R.Open Access
2000Working group session : the role of participatory monitoring and evaluationVernooy, R.; Sun Qiu; Zhou PidongIDRC Only