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1998Agroecosystem health : analysis and assessmentUniversity of Guelph; Smit, B.; Waltner-Toews, D.; Rapport, D.; Wall, E.; Wichert, G.IDRC Only
1983Effect of some management factors on the yield and quality of sorghum sudangrass in Northern MexicoUniversity of Guelph; Farías F., J.M.IDRC Only
1989Ethics and technology : ethical choices in the age of pervasive technologyUniversity of Guelph; Nef, J.; Vanderkop, J.; Wiseman, H.IDRC Only
1999Frijol tapado en Costa Rica : fortalezas, opciones y desafíosUniversidad de Costa Rica, Centro de Investigaciones Agronómicas; University of Guelph; Vernooy, R.; Meléndez, G.; Briceño, J.Open Access
2000Future of development cooperation : gradual evolution or radical break?University of Guelph; Sagasti, F.R.IDRC Only
1978Guelph Winter Triticale Program, phase III : final reportUniversity of GuelphIDRC Only
28-Sep-2015Made-in-Guelph technology on display at UN : campus newsUniversity of GuelphIDRC Only
1998Making the link : development at home and abroad; WUSC - Guelph International Development Conference reportWorld University Service of Canada; University of GuelphIDRC Only
2001Participatory action research on urban ecosystem health in Kathmandu inner city neighborhoods : final reportSocial Action for Grassroots Organizations; National Zoonoses and Food Hygiene Research Centre; University of GuelphIDRC Only
2014Report on on-farm research for addressing production constraints of small millets in South Asia (annex 2.4 of final technical report)DHAN Foundation; Arthacharya Foundation; Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development; Tamil Nadu Agricultural University; Watershed Support Services and Activities Network; University of GuelphIDRC Only
1983Resúmenes de trabajos técnicos / Primera Conferencia Latinoamericana de Roca Fosfórica, 10-15 oct., 1983CIID, División de Programas de Cooperación; University of GuelphIDRC Only
1997University of Guelph final technical report : participatory research for hillside farmers in Central America, June 1995 - May 1997University of GuelphIDRC Only
2003Why no one cares about the poor : the mass media's role in poverty and its perceptionsUniversity of Guelph; Stackhouse, J.IDRC Only