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1986Bolivia : la fuerza histórica del campesinadoUNRISD; Calderón, F.; Dandler, J.IDRC Only
2005Changes in economic policy regimes in Uruguay from a gender perspective (1930 - 2000)UNRISD; Espino, Alma; Azar, PaolaIDRC Only
1987Cuestió agraria y el movimiento campesino en Colombia : luchas de la Asociación Nacional de 1967-1981Centro de Investigación y Educación Popular; UNRISD; Zamosc, L.IDRC Only
1986Estado y ejidos en México : el caso del crédito rural en la LagunaUNRISD; Rello, F.IDRC Only
2005Égalité des sexes : en quête de justice dans un monde d'inégalitésUNRISDIDRC Only
2004Gender and health sector reform : analytical perspectives on African experienceUNRISD; Mackintosh, Maureen; Tibandebage, PaulaIDRC Only
2005Gender equality : striving for justice in an unequal worldUNRISDIDRC Only
2005Gender implications of macroeconomic policy and performance in MalaysiaUNRISD; Doraisami, AnitaIDRC Only
2005Gender implications of pension reforms : general remarks and evidence from selected countriesUNRISD; Steinhibler, SilkeIDRC Only
2005Gendered impacts of liberalisation policies on African agricultural economies and rural livelihoodsUNRISD; Whitehead, AnnIDRC Only
2005Gendered migrations, livelihoods and entitlements in European welfare regimesUNRISD; Kofman, EleonoreIDRC Only
2005Gendering migration, livelihood and entitlements : migrant women in Canada and the United StatesUNRISD; Boyd, Monica; Pikkov, DeannaIDRC Only
2004Informalisation and women's workforce participation : a consideration of recent trends in AsiaUNRISD; Ghosh, JayatiIDRC Only
1992Realidad en cifras estadisticas socialesFacultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales; Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas; UNRISD; Gomez, S.IDRC Only
1999Rebuilding after war : lessons from the War-torn Societies Project (WSP)UNRISD; Stiefel, M.IDRC Only
1993Rebuilding wartorn societies : report of the workshops on the challenge of rebuilding wartorn societies and the social consequences of the peace process in Cambodia, Geneva, 27-30 Apr. 1993UNRISDIDRC Only
2004Road not taken : international aid's choice of Copenhagen over Beijing; "two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by"UNRISD; Eyben, RosalindIDRC Only
2005Trading to equality? : gender equality and trade liberalisationUNRISD; Bisnath, SavitriIDRC Only
2004Understanding gender and agrarian change under liberalisation : the case of IndiaUNRISD; Jackson, Cecile; Rao, NityaIDRC Only
1998War-torn Societies Project (WSP)UNRISD; Graduate Institute of International Studies, Programme for Strategic and International Security StudiesIDRC Only