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1997Banco Interamericano de DesarrolloFacultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales; Universidad de Buenos Aires; Tussie, D.Open Access
2003Bargaining together in Cancun : developing countries and their evolving coalitionsLatin American Trade Network; Narlikar, A.; Tussie, D.Open Access
1998Compromisos en la organización mundial de comercio sobre promoción de exportacionesLatin American Trade Network; Tussie, D.; Lengyel, M.F.Open Access
1999Entretien avec Diana TussieTussie, D.Open Access
2000Environment and international trade negotiations : open loops in the developing worldTussie, D.Open Access
2001Free trade area of the Americas after Buenos Aires : much ado about nothing?Tussie, D.Open Access
1999In conversation : Diana TussieTussie, D.Open Access
2000International negotiations of PPMs : possible, appropriate, convenient?Tussie, D.; Vásquez, P.Open Access
2004Latin American Trade Agenda : Stakes and Priorities / final technical reportTussie, D.; Lengyel, M.F.; Tuplin, T.; Quiliconi, C.; Delich, V.Open Access
1999Promoción de exportaciones y disciplinas multilaterales : posibilidades e interrogantesLatin American Trade Network; Lengyel, M.; Tussie, D.Open Access
2000Regional integration and building blocks : the case of MercosurTussie, D.; Vásquez, P.Open Access
2004Study of policy influence : the G-24 research programTussie, D.Open Access
1994Towards a new green round : a survey of issues and questions for researchTussie, D.; Vasquez, P.I.IDRC Only
2001Zone de libre-échange des Amériques après Buenos Aires : beaucoup de bruit pour rien?Tussie, D.Open Access