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1977Field observation on the impact of the National Development Service : a preliminary reportTribhuvan UniversityIDRC Only
1988Final report Phase I (1983-1987) / Farm Forestry ProjectTribhuvan University; Prajapati, K.P.; Pyakuryal, K.N.IDRC Only
1994Final technical report of ARI project, NepalTribhuvan UniversityIDRC Only
1985Handicrafts industry in Nepal's national development : problems and prospectsTribhuvan University; Upadhyay, K.D.; Sharma, S.P.IDRC Only
1978Impact of National Development Service in Nepal : a study of changing attitude and behaviour of student participants and village peopleTribhuvan University; Pradhan, P.IDRC Only
1986Instructional improvement in primary schools : final reportTribhuvan UniversityIDRC Only
1991Instructional improvement in primary schools : phase II, language enrichment program; final reportTribhuvan UniversityIDRC Only
1990Instructional improvement in primary schools : phase II; baseline survey reportTribhuvan UniversityIDRC Only
1987Low cost travel modes (LCTMS) and urban poor in Kathmandu CityTribhuvan University; Shah, A.J.; Kishore, K.C.; Upadhyaya, M.P.IDRC Only
1973Migration in Nepal : implications for spatial development (a project proposal)Tribhuvan UniversityIDRC Only
1977Preliminary observations on National Development Service ProgrammeTribhuvan UniversityIDRC Only
1979Report of a study in the primary health care unit (district) of Nuwakot, NepalTribhuvan University; Shrestha, Ramesh; Shrestha, MathuraIDRC Only
1977Report of a study in the primary health care unit (district) of Tanahu, NepalTribhuvan UniversityIDRC Only
1989Report on first year training course for para professional librarians, NepalTribhuvan University; Karki, M.IDRC Only
1987Social world of Loba : a study of the people of MustangTribhuvan University; Rai, N.K.IDRC Only