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1976African cassava mosaic : reportKenya National Agricultural Research Station; IDRC; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1975Agricultural research as a component of foreign aid; address to the A.B.C.Australian Broadcasting Commission; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1973Animal production and research in tropical Africa : report of the Task Force commissioned by the African Livestock Sub-CommitteeConsultative Group on International Agricultural Research, Technical Advisory Committee; Nestel, B.L.; Pratt, D.J.; Thome, M.; Tribe, D.Open Access
1982Asignación de Recursos para la Investigación Agrícola : actividades del taller efectuado en Singapur, 8-10 jun. 1981Daniels, W.D.; Nestel, B.L.; Federación Internacional para la Investigación y el Desarrollo Agrícolas; CIIDOpen Access
1975Avances en los proyectosNestel, B.L.Open Access
1978Caqueza : extension in Latin AmericaNestel, B.L.IDRC Only
1979Caqueza : living rural developmentIDRC; Zandstra, H.G.; Swanberg, K.G.; Zulberti, C.; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1974Cassava - a crop with a future?Nestel, B.L.IDRC Only
1976Cassava : development of an international research networkIDRC; Nestel, B.L.; Cock, J.Open Access
1976Cassava : some recent research findingsIDRC. Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1979Cáqueza: experiencias en desarrollo ruralCIID. Oficina Regional para América Latina y el Caribe; Zandstra, H.G.; Swanberg, K.; Zulberti, C.; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1973Chronic cassava toxicity : proceedings of an Interdisciplinary WorkshopIDRC; Nestel, B.L.; MacIntyre, R.Open Access
1973Economic aspects of animal production in developing countriesNestel, B.L.Open Access
1971Floreat ColombiaNestel, B.L.Open Access
1980IDRC project networks : an appraisal of past strategy and recommendations for the futureNestel, B.L.; Jingjai Hanchanlash; Tono Trucco, H.Open Access
1986Infrastructural support for technological changeZandstra, H.G.; Swanberg, K.; Zulberti, C.; Nestel, B.L.IDRC Only
1971Meeting on Livestock Improvement and Disease Control.FAO; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1975Methods for allocating resources in applied agricultural research in Latin America.Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; Agricultural Development Council; Pinstrup-Andersen, P.; Byrnes, F.C.; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1975Nuevas fuentes de energía para consumo animalNestel, B.L.Open Access
1975Plan de maíz del Proyecto CáquezaNestel, B.L.Open Access