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1991International cooperation and assistance in educationMorales-Gómez, D.A.Open Access
1992Investigación social para el desarrollo : preparación de una propuesta de investigaciónMorales-Gómez, D.A.Open Access
1991Is basic education for all a solution to the development crisis of the 1990s?Morales-Gómez, D.A.IDRC Only
1990Is basic education for all possible in the 1990s?Morales-Gómez, D.A.Open Access
1989Issues of ethics in development : dilemmas on social science researchMorales-Gómez, D.A.Open Access
1992Issues of ethics in international development : dilemmas in social science researchMorales-Gómez, D.A.IDRC Only
1990Issues on capacity building in education research : experiences from the perspective of IDRCMorales-Gómez, D.A.Open Access
2000Politiques sociales transnationales : les nouveaux défis de la mondialisation pour le développementCRDI; Morales-Gómez, D.A.Open Access
1990Que hay detrás de la "Educación para todos"Morales-Gómez, D.A.IDRC Only
2000Reforming social policy : changing perspectives on sustainable human developmentIDRC; Tschirgi, N.; Morales-Gómez, D.A.; Moher, J.L.Open Access
2000Réforme des politiques sociales : évolution des perspectives du développement humain durableCRDI; Morales-Gómez, D.A.; Tschirgi, N.; Moher, J.L.Open Access
1989Seeking new paradigms to plan education for development : the role of educational researchMorales-Gómez, D.A.IDRC Only
1988Seeking new paradigms to plan education for development : the role of educational researchMorales-Gómez, D.A.Open Access
1986Situación de crisis y el papel de las ciencias sociales en el desarrollo de América LatinaMorales-Gómez, D.A.IDRC Only
1993Social challenge in development : from economic to social policiesMorales-Gómez, D.A.Open Access
1995Social policy in a global society : parallels and lessons from the Canada - Latin America experienceIDRC; Morales-Gómez, D.A.; Torres, M.Open Access
1998Social policy reform : a development challengeMorales-Gómez, D.A.IDRC Only
1990State, corporatist politics, and educational policy making in MexicoMorales-Gómez, D.A.; Torres, C.A.Open Access
1989Tendencias en educación y trabajo en América Latina : resultados de un seminario regionalCIID; Morales-Gómez, D.A.; Gallart, M.A.Open Access
1999Transnational social policies : the new development challenges of globalizationIDRC; Morales-Gómez, D.A.Open Access