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2002Biological control of Striga (McGill / West Africa) : reportMcGill UniversityIDRC Only
2004Conservation of Emberá and Kuna medicinal plants and associated traditional knowledge : final reportUniversidad de Panamá; McGill University; Fundación Dobbo YalaIDRC Only
1979Design and implementation of a data base system for bibliographic applications on a minicomputerMcGill University; Daneliuk, F.A.IDRC Only
1988Developing Canadian capacity in international health : an evaluation of the International Health Exchange and the Young Canadian Researchers Award programsMcGill UniversityOpen Access
1986Démographie et sous-développement dans le Tiers MondeMcGill University; Gauvreau, D.; Gregory, J.; Kempeneers, M.; Piché, V.IDRC Only
2014Farm to forkMcGill UniversityIDRC Only
1990Final report of phase I / Community Health Research ProjectMcGill University; Ethiopia. Ministry of Health; Larson, C.; Bergevin, Y.IDRC Only
2004HIV therapy in West Africa : patient strategy of negotiation and self formationMcGill University; Gilbert, HannahIDRC Only
1989Human rights, development and foreign policy : Canadian perspectivesMcGill University; Canadian Human Rights Foundation; Institute for Research on Public Policy; Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1989Informe final del Curso Taller en Métodos y Técnicas de Investigación Epidemiológica AmbientalMcGill University; Secretaría Ejecutiva Permanente del Convenio Andrés Bello; Centro Panamericano de Ecología Humana y Salud; Revelo Revelo, J.; Bergevin, I.IDRC Only
2012Innovating for resilient farming systems in semi-arid Kenya : 'a KARI/McGill collaborative food security research project'Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI); McGill UniversityIDRC Only
2013InRef news : newsletter of the KARI-McGill Project, Innovating for Resilient Farming Systems, issue no. 4McGill University; Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI); Kamau, Geoffrey; Brownhill, LeighIDRC Only
2014Mejores papas para la seguridad alimentaria en ColombiaMcGill University; Universidad Nacional de ColombiaIDRC Only
1994Prevalence and risk factors for the occurrence of bronchial asthma in Kenyan school children with a focus on the impact of urbanizationKenya Medical Research Institute; McGill University; Odhiambo, J.; Ng'ang'a, L.; Macklem, P.T.; Becklake, M.R.; Menzies, R.IDRC Only
2004Quel impact de l'accord du libre - échange Maroc - Union européenne sur le commerce extérieur marocain?McGill University; Ihnach, HoussineIDRC Only
1991Rapport final / Granites noirs de l'UruguayInstitut de recherche en exploration minérale; McGill University; Ecole polytechnique; Chouteau, M.; Martignole, J.IDRC Only
2004Réflexion sur la notion de gouvernance mondiale : processus et / ou cadre normatifMcGill University; Mazalto, MarieOpen Access
2009Second [2nd] McGill Conference on Global Food Security : Impacts of the Global Financial Crisis on Food Security; summary, key findings and recommendations, October 5-7, 2009, Montréal, CanadaMcGill UniversityIDRC Only
1992Transformation on the South African Gold MinesMcGill University; Jeeves, A.; Crush, J.; James, W.IDRC Only