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1971Climate and agriculture.Makerere University; Ker, A.D.R.IDRC Only
1971Crop improvement in sorghum, finger millet, pigeon peas; programme proposed for financing by International Development Research CentreMakerere UniversityIDRC Only
1989Final technical report on the maternal and child health implications of HIV infection in Uganda (paediatric AIDS) : 0 - 32 months follow-upMakerere UniversityIDRC Only
1992Hydrogeology phase II Workshop report : "A Hydrogeological and Socio-economic Examination of Groundwater Resource Management in Uganda: Strategic Issues for Future Development", December 10th and 11th, 1992, Makerere University, Kampala, UgandaMakerere UniversityIDRC Only
2004Learning together for change in Integrated Agricultural Research for Development (IAR4D) in Uganda : documentation of the first learning workshop held at the Continuing Agricultural Education Centre (CAEC), 19-24 Apr. 2004National Agricultural Research Organization; International Course for Development Oriented Research in Agriculture; Makerere University; Akullo, D.; Kibwika, P.; Opondo, C.Open Access
1989Occupational aspirations of secondary school leavers in Uganda and the linkage of these aspirations to job attainment processMakerere University; Opolot, J.A.; Enon, J.C.IDRC Only
10-Dec-2004Uganda Health Information Network / technical report, Sept. 2003 - Oct. 2004SATELLIFE; Makerere UniversityIDRC Only
2010Workshop report of baseline results dissemination to community members, Kati Kati Africa, Kampala, Uganda, 5th December 2009Makerere UniversityIDRC Only
2010Workshop report of baseline results dissemination to policy level stakeholders, Kati Kati Africa, Kampala, Uganda, 26th November 2009Makerere UniversityIDRC Only