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1985Availability and seasonality of feed supply in BotswanaKiflewahid, B.; Mosimanyana, B.M.Open Access
1983By-product utilization for animal production : proceedings of a workshop on applied research held in Nairobi, Kenya, 26-30 Sept. 1982IDRC, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences Division; Potts, G.R.; Kiflewahid, B.; Drysdale, R.M.Open Access
1989Cattle milk and meat research and development in BotswanaKiflewahid, B.; Macala, J.; Norris, D.Open Access
1987Feeding of crop residues to milking cows in small scale farms in BotswanaKiflewahid, B.; Mosimanyana, B.IDRC Only
1988Growth and metabolic studies on growing, finishing pigs fed ukirugu cottonseed cakeKiflewahid, B.; Kafumu, M.A.B.; Lekule, F.P.; Homb, T.IDRC Only
Mar-1992Integrated Agricultural Research : proceedings of the SACCAR / Winrock Workshop held in Lilongwe, Malawi, 26 Nov.-1 Dec. 1989Kiflewahid, B.; George, N.; Lembuya, I.Open Access
1987Lablab (Lablab purpureus) in by-products based diets for lactating cows in BotswanaKiflewahid, B.; Mosimanyana, B.Open Access
1983Overview of research methods employed in the evaluation of by-products for use in animal feedKiflewahid, B.Open Access
1987Small scale dairy production research in BotswanaKiflewahid, B.IDRC Only
1988Use of sorghum bran and groundnut haulms in sorghum stover based diets for grossbred cowsKiflewahid, B.; Mahabile, W.; Masilo, B.Open Access
1988Value of browse as ruminant feed : the case of Colophospermum MopaneKiflewahid, B.; Mosimanyana, B.M.Open Access