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1973Adoption of multicropping system in selected communities in the Philippines : IDRC - UPCA Project; progress report IIUniversity of the Philippines at Los Baños; IRRIIDRC Only
1975Agro-climatic survey of BangladeshIRRI; Bangladesh Rice Research Institute; Manalo, E.B.IDRC Only
1990Annual technical report 1990 / Bhutan - IRRI Rice Farming Systems Project : phase IIIRRIIDRC Only
1991Annual technical report 1991 / Bhutan - IRRI Rice Farming Systems Project : phase IIIRRIIDRC Only
2001Application of distance learning technologies to human capital development in national agricultural research systemsIRRI; Simon Fraser UniversityIDRC Only
1982Asian Cropping Systems Network bibliographyIRRI; Hoque, M.Z.IDRC Only
1995Asian Rice Farming Systems Network : terminal report, Apr. 1992-Mar. 1995IRRIIDRC Only
1987Caribbean Rice Research Network : report of activities under the IDRC budgetCentro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; IRRIIDRC Only
1975Changes in rice farming in selected areas of AsiaIRRIIDRC Only
2000Community - based natural resource management in Myanmar : terminal report (Oct. 1996 - June 2000)IRRI; Myanmar. Ministry of AgricultureOpen Access
1976Constraints to high yields on Asian rice farms : an interim reportIRRIIDRC Only
1983Copublication : strategies for multilanguage publication in agricultureIRRIIDRC Only
1984Cropping systems in Asia : on-farm research and managementIRRI; Hoque, M.Z.IDRC Only
1983Cropping Systems Outreach (IRRI) : final technical reportIRRIIDRC Only
1988Development of multi-purpose drying systems using non-conventional energy sources : final reportIRRI; Djokoto, I.K.IDRC Only
1981Evaluation of double cropped rainfed wetland riceIRRI; Zandstra, H.G.; Bolton, F.R.IDRC Only
1985Farming Systems Socio-economic Monitoring Tour / Workshop, 16-28 Sept. 1985 : a report of the proceedingsAsian Rice Farming Systems Network; IDRC; IRRI; Veen, M.G. van derIDRC Only
1980Final report / Cropping systems (Indonesia)IRRIIDRC Only
1994Final report, 1 Apr. 1989-31 Oct. 1994 / Data Management for On-Farm TrialsIRRIIDRC Only
1992Final technical report (1989-1992) / Women in Rice Based Farming Systems : a case study in Sreepur, Joydebpur, Gazipur, BangladeshIRRI; Bangladesh Rice Research InstituteIDRC Only