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1997Small, Medium and Micro-Entreprise Innovation and Technology (SMMEIT) : research prospectus 1997 - 2000; the need for SMME research and IDRC's roleIDRCOpen Access
2003Social and Economic Equity (SEE) program area : report to the Board of GovernorsIDRC; Herbert-Copley, BrentOpen Access
1973Social and psychological aspects of fertility in Asia : proceedingsFord Foundation; IDRC; Korean Institute for Research in the Behavioral Sciences; Transnational Family Research Institute; David, H.P.; Lee, S.J.IDRC Only
1977Social change and internal migration : a review of research findings from Africa, Asia, and Latin America; a reportIDRCOpen Access
1996Social development in the developing world : the challenge of policy performance; report of the CIDA - UNRISD - IDRC Seminar "Social Development and Public Policies", Hull, Québec, May 30-31, 1996IDRCIDRC Only
1988Social forestry in BotswanaIDRC; Bailey, C.Open Access
1975Social science research on population and development : papersFord Foundation; World Bank; IDRC; Rockefeller Foundation; US. AIDIDRC Only
1974Social sciences and development : papersFord Foundation; World Bank; IDRC; Rockefeller Foundation; US. AIDIDRC Only
1980Social Sciences Division : IDRC program directionsIDRCOpen Access
1973SomaliaIDRC; Savage, G.Open Access
1980Sorghum dehuller : demo tapeIDRCOpen Access
1978Sorghum improvement (Ethiopia) : an evaluation; phase I...IDRCOpen Access
1973Southern Africa: some questions for Canadians.Canadian Council for International Cooperation; IDRC; Brown, A.; Bunting, P.; Sanger, C.IDRC Only
2006Speaking notes for an appearance before the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development, Ottawa, Oct. 2, 2006IDRC; O'Neil, MaureenIDRC Only
1998Special message from the President : employee service award ceremony 1998IDRC; O'Neil, MaureenIDRC Only
1971Speech to the Canadian National Millers AssociationIDRC; Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1991Spicer Commission at IDRC, 30 Apr. 1991IDRC; Brooks, David B.; Foster, J.; Pearson, K.; Robertson, L.Open Access
1994Spring of hopeIDRC; Kumar, S.Open Access
2004Stakeholder roundtable : engaging the African Diaspora in Africa's capacity building effortsIDRCOpen Access
1981Stand and deliver : tropical moist forestsIDRC; Myers, N.Open Access