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1982No health for allIDRC; Simuchoba, A.Open Access
-No name newsletter / IDRC = Bulletin sans nom / CRDIIDRC; CRDIOpen Access
1990No place to hideIDRC; Open University; British Broadcasting Corporation; Morris, E.IDRC Only
1988Nonindustrial energy : consumption and supply in cities of ChinaIDRC; Yingzhong Lu; Daxiong Qiu; Yingyun Lu; Zhihong Wei; Suhua YuOpen Access
1972Norte del Cauca: a rural development project : report on the occasion of the visit of the Board of Governors of IDRCIDRC; Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario; Amezquita, W.; Navia, E.IDRC Only
1991North South : a study in opportunityIDRC; Métavidea AssociatesIDRC Only
1992North South Indigenous Water Quality Forum at IDRC, 19 Nov. 1992Forget, G.; Lickers, H.; Rain, J.; Flett, N.; Bennitz, D.; IDRC; Assembly of First NationsOpen Access
2005Notes for introductory remarks at the "SMEs and ICTs Workshop", IDRC, Apr. 6, 2005IDRC; O'Neil, M.Open Access
1983Notes for remarks by Ivan L. Head to the "Research For Third World Development" Seminar, University of Manitoba, Apr. 19, 1983IDRC; Head, I.L.Open Access
1977Notes for the appearance of officials of the International Development Research Centre before the Standing Committee on External Affairs and National Defence, May 27, 1977IDRCIDRC Only
1988Notes on a Meeting on External Support to Developing Country Research, Ottawa, Oct. 14-15, 1988IDRCOpen Access
1977Nutritional standards and methods of evaluation for food legume breedersIDRC; International Working Group on Nutritional Standards and Methods of Evaluation for Food Legume Breeders; Hulse, J.H.; Rachie, K.O.; Billingsley, L.W.Open Access
1974Nutritive value of triticale protein (and the proteins of wheat and rye)IDRC; Hulse, J.H.; Laing, E.M.Open Access
2001Of mice and modems : Canadian and SA youth share digital skillsIDRC; Bosch, L.Open Access
1984Official languages annual report / IDRC = Rapport annuel en matière de langues officielles / CRDI, Dec. 1984IDRC; CRDIOpen Access
1974Oil crisis and the developing countriesIDRC; Rao, M.S.Open Access
1993Oil crops : Brassica Subnetwork; proceedings of the Third Workshop, Quality Training, and Chinese Project Reports, held in Shanghai, People's Republic of China, 21-24 Apr. 1990China. Ministry of Agriculture; IDRC; Omran, A.Open Access
1987Oil crops : Niger and rapeseed / mustard; proceedings of the Third Oil Crops Network Workshop held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 6-10 October 1986Institute of Agricultural Research; IDRC; Omran, A.Open Access
1984Oil crops : proceedings of a workshop held in Cairo, Egypt, 3-8 Sept. 1983IDRC; Field Crops Research Institute; Riley, K.W.Open Access
1990Oil crops : proceedings of the three meetings held at Pantnagar and Hyderabad, India, 4-17 Jan. 1989 : 1. The Brassica Subnetwork-II; 2. The Other Oil Crops Subnetwork-I; 3. The Oil Crops Network Steering Committee-IIndian Council of Agricultural Research; IDRC Oil Crops Network for East Africa and the Indian Region; Directorate of Oilseeds Research; IDRC; Omran, A.Open Access