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1997President's farewell, Feb. 26, 1997IDRCIDRC Only
1994President's meeting with staff, IDRC, Ottawa, 5 Dec. 1994IDRC; Bezanson, K.A.Open Access
1972Preventing onchocerciasis through blackfly control : a proposal for Afro-Canadian research into the feasibility of using mermithid parasites as biological agents in the control of disease - transmitting blackfliesIDRCOpen Access
1983Preventing school failure : the relationship between preschool and primary education; proceeedings of a workshop on preschool research held in Bogota, Colombia, 26-29 May 1981IDRC; Ford Foundation. Office for Latin America and the CaribbeanOpen Access
1988Prioridades de investigación aplicada en café para pequeños agricultores : seminario taller, San José, Costa Rica, 15-17 julio 1987IDRC; Mateo, N.; Escobar, G.Open Access
1978Priorities for action in grain post-harvest loss reductionGroup for Assistance on Systems Relating to Grain After Harvest; FAO; Institut de recherches agronomiques tropicales et des cultures vivrières; IDRC; Kansas State University, Food and Feed Grain Institute; Tropical Products Institute; Cheshire, C.A.IDRC Only
1979Priorities for science and technology policy research in Africa : report of a seminar held at the University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, 3-6 Dec. 1979IDRC; ECAOpen Access
1994Priority setting in agricultural research : a comparison of different types of networksIDRC; Li Pun, H.H.; Koala, S.Open Access
1984Privacy Act : annual report to Parliament / IDRCIDRCOpen Access
1991Proceedings / 11th Annual Meeting, MINISIS Users' GroupScien-Tech Information Centre; IDRC; CRDIOpen Access
1987Proceedings / Eighth Annual MINISIS Users' Group Meeting Singapore, Oct. 27-31, 1986National University of Singapore; IDRC; CRDIOpen Access
1974Proceedings / Meeting on the Feasibility of an International Information System for the Development Sciences (DEVSIS)IDRC; OECD; UnescoOpen Access
1983Proceedings / National Seminar on Development Support CommunicationUniversiti Pertanian Malaysia, Centre for Extension and Continuing Education; IDRC; Hussain, M.Y.; Hassan, M.S.H.; Ling, C.; Keeney, Z.S.A.IDRC Only
1979Proceedings : CIFRI / IDRC Workshop on Rural Aquaculture Project (Feb. 6-7, 1979)Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute; IDRCIDRC Only
1972Proceedings of a Seminar Workshop on Intermediate, or, Appropriate TechnologyIDRC; Canadian Hunger FoundationIDRC Only
1981Proceedings of a Workshop on Approaches to Process Improvement for Small Food Industry in Developing CountriesIDRC; MacCormac, C.; Edwardson, W.Open Access
1986Proceedings of a workshop on hydraulic ram pump (HYDRAM) technology held at Arusha, Tanzania, May 29 - June 1, 1984IDRC; Centre for Agricultural Mechanization; Schiller, E.J.Open Access
1980Proceedings of the Canadian Agricultural Research Priorities Symposium, Ottawa, Canada, 6-7 November 1980IDRCOpen Access
2000Proceedings of the First International Workshop on the Management and Culture of Marine Species Used in Traditional Medicines, July 4-9, 1998, Cebu City, Philippines [Chinese version]McGill University, Project Seahorse; IDRC; Moreau, Marie-Annick; Vincent, Amanda C.J.; Hall, Heather J.Open Access
1982Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the MINISIS Users' Group, Rabat, Morocco, 21-23 Sept. 1982IDRC; Centre national de documentationIDRC Only