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1974Oil crisis and the developing countriesIDRC; Rao, M.S.Open Access
1993Oil crops : Brassica Subnetwork; proceedings of the Third Workshop, Quality Training, and Chinese Project Reports, held in Shanghai, People's Republic of China, 21-24 Apr. 1990China. Ministry of Agriculture; IDRC; Omran, A.Open Access
1987Oil crops : Niger and rapeseed / mustard; proceedings of the Third Oil Crops Network Workshop held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 6-10 October 1986Institute of Agricultural Research; IDRC; Omran, A.Open Access
1984Oil crops : proceedings of a workshop held in Cairo, Egypt, 3-8 Sept. 1983IDRC; Field Crops Research Institute; Riley, K.W.Open Access
1990Oil crops : proceedings of the three meetings held at Pantnagar and Hyderabad, India, 4-17 Jan. 1989 : 1. The Brassica Subnetwork-II; 2. The Other Oil Crops Subnetwork-I; 3. The Oil Crops Network Steering Committee-IIndian Council of Agricultural Research; IDRC Oil Crops Network for East Africa and the Indian Region; Directorate of Oilseeds Research; IDRC; Omran, A.Open Access
1985Oil crops : sesame and safflower; proceedings of the Second Oil Crops Network Workshop held in Hyderabad, India, 5-9 Feb. 1985IDRC; Indian Council of Agricultural Research; Omran, A.Open Access
1988Oil crops : sunflower, linseed, and sesameKenya Agricultural Research Institute; Egerton College; IDRC. Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa; National Plant Breeding Station; IDRC; Omran, A.Open Access
1987Oil crops : the Brassica subnetworkOilcrops Network for Eastern and Southern Africa and South Asia; IDRC; Omran, A.Open Access
1986On Farm Research Activities and Cooperation Possibilities : workshop organised by IRA - IITA - IDRC On Farm Research Project Team, Dec. 10 and 11 1986Institute of Agronomic Research; International Institute of Tropical Agriculture; IDRC; Ay, P.; Nounamo, L.; Foaguegue, A.; Mankolo, R.; Poku, J.IDRC Only
2000On people, roads and land : immigration and its consequences for highland communities in RatanakiriRoyal University of Phnom Penh; IDRC; SEILA Program; UNDP; Berg, Conny van den; Palith, PhatOpen Access
1982On the disease warpathIDRC; Hibler, M.Open Access
1981One classroom school in Egypt : an evaluative study; annexesNational Centre for Educational Research; IDRCIDRC Only
1981One classroom school in Egypt : an evaluative study; final reportNational Centre for Educational Research; IDRCIDRC Only
1995One hand for the sea : satellite remote sensing and the Chilean fisheriesIDRC; Noftle, Valerie P.Open Access
1992One hundred and one (101) technologies : from the South for the SouthIDRCOpen Access
1980One room, one schoolIDRC; Stanley, B.Open Access
2004Open and closed skies : satellite access in Africa; policy reform and regulatory issues in bridging the digital divide through satellite technologiesIDRCOpen Access
1998Opening doors to the world : a new trade agenda for the Middle EastIDRC; Safadi, R.Open Access
2007Opening remarks at the Engineers Without Borders 2007 National Conference, Westin Hotel, Calgary, AB, Jan. 25, 2007IDRC; O'Neil, MaureenIDRC Only
2005Opening remarks at the IDRC / CIDA Panel Session at the "International Economic Forum of the Americas (Conférence de Montréal)", May 30, 2005IDRC; O'Neil, M.Open Access