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1990Mysterious milkfishIDRC; Bailey, C.; Whitehead, W.; del Grandé, L.; McKee, N.Open Access
1986Mysterious milkfish : increasing yield through researchIDRC; McKee, N.; MacLennan, L.Open Access
1994NAFTA Occupational and Environmental Health Systems : workshop proceedings, Ottawa, Canada, Mar. 28-30, 1994IDRC; Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública; Institute of Medicine; Markham, J.Open Access
2000Nagaland Environmental Protection and Economic Development (NEPED) Project : performance assessmentIndia Canada Environmental Facility; Nagaland Environment Protection and Economic Development Project; IDRC; Baerg, R.; Vettivel, S.K.; Bagai, D.S.Open Access
1990National information and informatics policies in Africa : report and proceedings of a regional seminar, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 28 Nov.-1 Dec. 1988IDRC; Pan-African Documentation and Information System; Akhtar, S.Open Access
1995National information policies with special reference to developing countriesIDRC; Ranganathan Centre for Information Studies; Akhtar, Shahid; Neelameghan, A.Open Access
1990National management information system : proceedings of the Workshop on National Management Information System ... Los Baños, Laguna, 17-21 July 1989IDRC; International Service for National Agricultural Research; Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development; Maligalig, R.F.; Malicsi, L.C.; Ongkiko, I.V.C.IDRC Only
1992National strategic drug plan : Uruguay; site visit, Addiction Research Foundation consultants' reportIDRC; Uruguay; Addiction Research Foundation; Goodstadt, M.S.; Loranger, P.D.; Gliksman, L.L.IDRC Only
1998National strategy : South AfricaIDRCOpen Access
1988National workshop on sorghum : proceedings of the First Biennial Sorghum Workshop held in Baidoa, Somalia, 16-19 June 1986IDRCOpen Access
1998Nature of research at IDRC : report of Research Ad Hoc Committee of the BoardIDRC; Pestieau, C.; Foley, J.; Ramalingaswami, V.; Slaymaker, O.Open Access
1998Navrongo : behind the face of impactIDRCIDRC Only
1984Nazreth Workshop on IDRC Supported Research Projects in Ethiopia, 23-26 Apr. 1984IDRC; Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission; Yemane, G.; Lee-Smith, D.Open Access
1972NepalIDRC; Savage, G.Open Access
1982Net benefits : cageculture in the Dominican RepublicIDRC; Davies, S.Open Access
1996Net gain : a new method for preventing malaria deathsWHO; IDRC; de Savigny, D.; Lengeler, C.; Cattani, J.Open Access
2006Networks and IDRC's program areas : parallel efforts, policy impactIDRCOpen Access
1994Neurocysticercosis in Mexico : a holistic strategy for prevention and controlGeorge, E.; Gardiner, L.C.; IDRC; Paradigm ProductionsOpen Access
1996New discipline : development ethicsIDRC; Goulet, D.Open Access
2013New entrepreneurs and high performance enterprises in the Middle East and North AfricaOECD; IDRCOpen Access