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2006Science for humanity : IDRC / International Development Research CentreIDRCIDRC Only
2000Science for humanity : International Development Research CentreIDRCIDRC Only
1994Science in actionIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : a handpump primerIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : an electronic lifelineIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : breeding a better bananaIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : building for democracyIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : canola; Canadian success storyIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : clouds on tapIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : malaria control in a nutshellIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : reef reliefIDRCOpen Access
1994Science in action : testing the watersIDRCOpen Access
1982Science in serviceIDRC; Shirkie, R.Open Access
1982Science writing : beyond wordsIDRC; Icamina, P.Open Access
1972Science, technology and development : China as a "case study"IDRC; Dean, G.C.IDRC Only
1972Scientific Advisory Group on the Feasibility of Utilizing Mermithid Nematodes in Simulium damnosum ControlIDRCIDRC Only
1976Scientific and technical information (STI) in Ghana : role of the CSIR in developing a national STI networkIDRC; National Academy of Sciences; Council for Scientific and Industrial Research; Bourne, C.P.; Dodoo, R.; Judge, P.J.; Kafe, J.K.T.; Neelanegha, A.IDRC Only
-Scientists of ten nations strive to save the manatee.IDRC; Sanger, C.IDRC Only
2007Scoping study on IDRC-CIDA collaborationIDRCOpen Access
1985Searching : IDRC 1984; the rural experienceIDRCOpen Access