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1972Projects approved by the IDRC as at Sept. 30, 1972IDRCIDRC Only
1994Promoting urban agriculture : a strategy framework for planners in North America, Europe, and AsiaIDRC; Sommers, P.; Smit, J.Open Access
1981Prospecting for research goldIDRC; Stanley, B.; Hibler, M.Open Access
2004Prospectus for the Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Program Initiative for 2005 - 2010IDRCOpen Access
2004Prospectus for the Peace, Conflict and Development Program Initiative for 2005 - 2010IDRCOpen Access
2004Prospectus for the Rural Poverty and Environment Program Initiative for 2005 - 2010IDRCOpen Access
1980Provisional bibliography : fish by-catch from shrimp trawling prepared for Round Table on Non-Traditional Fishery Products for Mass Human Consumption, Sept. 15-19, 1980, Washington, D.C.IDRC; Turnbull, D.Open Access
1977Proyecto para un Instituto Naciónal de Comunicación para el Desarrollo : volumen III, resumenIDRC; Bolivia; Beltrán S., Luis RamiroIDRC Only
1975Public housing in Singapore : a multi-disciplinary studyIDRC; Singapore. Housing and Development Board; Yeh, S.H.K.IDRC Only
1994Public Information Program : a corporate communications strategy for the International Development Research CentreIDRCIDRC Only
1975Public policy and migratory behavior in selected developing countries; draft.IDRC; Laquian, A.A.; Simmons, A.B.Open Access
-Publications / IDRC = Publications / CRDI = Publicaciones / CIIDIDRC; CRDI; CIIDOpen Access
1994Publications catalogue / IDRC = Catalogue des publications / CRDI = Catálogo de publicaciones / CIIDIDRC; CRDI; CIIDOpen Access
1992Publications from IDRC = Publications du CRDI = Publicaciones del CIIDIDRC; CRDI; CIIDOpen Access
1974Publications of the International Development Research Centre, 1970-73IDRC; CRDIOpen Access
1972Purpose and objectives of the International Development Research CentreIDRC; Hulse, J.H.Open Access
2006Quality of research : broad enhancementIDRCOpen Access
1982Question of solidarityIDRC; Dupont, J.Open Access
1984Rapport du Comité chargé d'examiner le travail de la Division des communications du Centre de recherches pour le développement internationalIDRC; Bauchet, P.; Currie, N.; Campbell, F.Open Access
1979Rattan : a report of a workshop held in Singapore, 4-6 June 1979IDRCOpen Access