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2004Report of Regional Community Workshop on Indigenous Knowledge for Western, Nyanza and Western Rift Valley Region held in KisiiNational Environment Management Authority; IDRCIDRC Only
1978Report of the Ad Hoc Board Committee on Information SciencesIDRCOpen Access
1984Report of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Board of Governors of the International Development Research Centre to review the Social Sciences DivisionIDRCOpen Access
1974Report of the Advisory Group Meeting on Rice Post Harvest ProblemsIDRC; IRRIIDRC Only
1974Report of the Advisory Group Meeting on Rice Post Harvest Problems ..., Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines, Apr. 1-5, 1974IRRI; IDRCIDRC Only
1973Report of the Asian Workshop on Research Methodology on the Green Revolution, February 19-23, 1973, ManilaAsian Association of Development Research and Training Institutes; University of the Philippines at Manila, School of Economics; IDRCIDRC Only
1989Report of the evaluation mission on the CSCD ProgrammeIDRCOpen Access
2003Report of the evaluation of the democratization of ICT content for Africa pilot project International Development Research Centre (IDRC) / the Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS)IDRCOpen Access
1981Report of the First United Nations Inter-Agency Technical Experts Working Group on Compatibility with PADISECA; IDRCIDRC Only
1988Report of the IDDR Board Review Panel : Social Sciences DivisionIDRCOpen Access
1982Report of the Informal Meeting of Energy Research Donors held at the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, 20-21, Apr. 1982IDRC; Barnett, A.; Adams, P.Open Access
1975Report of the Meeting of West African Agricultural Librarians and Documentalists, Ibadan, Jan. 20-22, 1975IDRC; International Institute of Tropical Agriculture; Lawani, S.M.; de Chantal, J.Open Access
1985Report of the mission to examine aspects of the feasibility of a regional information system on new and renewable sources of energy for the CaribbeanCommonwealth Science Council; IDRC; UnescoIDRC Only
2004Report of the Regional Community Workshop on Indigenous Knowledge for Eastern, Coast, Central and Eastern Rift Valley Region held in KerugoyaNational Environment Management Authority; IDRCIDRC Only
1998Report of the scoping meeting on a climate change knowledge network, Ottawa, May 29-30, 1998IDRC; International Institute for Sustainable Development; North-South InstituteOpen Access
1976Report of the Training Seminar for Latin American Population LibrariansCentro Latinoamericano de Demografía; IDRC; Association for Population / Family Planning Libraries and Information Centers, International; Asociación Demográfica Costarricense; Centro Interamericano de Adiestramiento en Comunicación para Población; Blanch, J.M.; Cubero V., F.IDRC Only
1974Report of the United Nations Inter-Regional Seminar on the Applications of Geodetic and Remote Sensing Data from Satellites for Cartography (Surveying and Mapping)IDRCIDRC Only
1996Report on a survey of ISNAR stakeholdersIDRCOpen Access
2000Report on a workshop on Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) and it's promotion in Ratanakiri, 31 Jan. - 1 Feb. 2000John, Ashish; IDRCOpen Access
1986Report on development co-operation for health in Commonwealth countries : Eigth Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting, Nassau, The Bahamas, 13-17 October, 1986Commonwealth Secretariat; IDRC; Canada. Dept. of National Health and Welfare; Canada. Dept. of External Affairs; CIDAIDRC Only